Myths About Scrapbooking

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Myths About Scrapbooking

I'm working on a post about the myths of scrapbooking and thought I'd see what you think.

I've got a few of my own pet peeves, but tell me yours!

That you have to create a LO a certain way. Everyone has their own creative style and what appeals to them. Do what you feel at the moment. There is no right or wrong.

So true Christina, Nothing in crafting is right or wrong. What we create suits us and our style, colours and lifestyle!

Exactly, Emily! And everyone is at a different level. Beginners shouldn't be made to feel as if they're "doing it wrong". Inspiration and guidance, certainly; downright controlling the project is a no-no.

that there are "rules" in scrapbooking.

Can't wait to read that post, Marisa! smiley

I'm keen to read this post too!!

Lol. I'll probably end up scheduling it for August smiley

Whatever works for you, I just think it'll be a great read!

So do I. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.

I think a couple others already touched on this with the "no one right way" comments, but in particular I'd add that it's a myth that it has to be fancy. I generally like clean & simple, and it would be easy to think, looking at a lot of the things you see in the galleries, magazines, etc. that clean & simple isn't "real" scrapbooking.

Interesting, @Rachel Ramey. Our perception of how people scrapbook might be a bit influenced by what we see in galleries.

Myths. Nice! I’ll look forward to that one.

For non-scrapbookers I’d say there’s an idea that you have to be “creative”. Which I guess is similar in their minds to what Rachel was saying. The number of people who tell me they want to record their memories but can’t because they’re not “creative” or don’t have the time or whatever.

But then they go on to tell me they love printed photos and want to record their stories and their gran’s stories. It’s like there’s an ivory tower or a wall they can’t see over.

It makes me very sad - they don’t see writing the story on a bit of paper and adding it to their regular albums as a thing. Or even conceive of doing it

I've heard myths that:

- 1-photo LO's are a waste of space
-you HAVE to have journaling
-you have to have perfect pictures
-you have to compile or print your pages or why else are you doing it
-you HAVE to have photos on a LO
-it takes too much time
-are too far behind or have too many photos to go through to even begin
-they have to scrapbook in chronological order, you can't just scrap what you want when you want
-it has to have shadowing
-it has to look realistic

Good ones, Rachel!

Rachel's on point. I'm not used to working with more than one photo (it gives me anxiety). So when I do, it's a difficult LO for me, even though I see so many others use quite a few photos in one LO and they look great.

I just rarely do 1-photo layouts because I'm too cheap. LOL

I struggle with one photo layouts, too, Rachel. Especially since I often work in weekly spreads, and then I'd have about a million pages in every single album. Yiiiiiiikes.

Thanks to Rachel I am now writing two posts.

Thanks Rachel for this learning.