What are you working on this weekend?

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I'll be working on the July blog train, creating some element scripts (new designs). Also working on my health by going for a walk.

@Jo it went great! Here is a picture.. Might make a few more smiley Thanks for asking! How is your organizing coming along??

WOW @Jeantte it looks awesome. I love how it has turned out... my organising is not as awesome as I would like.. but I am back into it today to try and sort just my papers into categories which will hopefully make it easier to move haha!!

@Jeantte Those do look great! I have some regular & mini jenga blocks that have no longer have a purpose but I could never bear to throw away since they are wood & figure they can be useful somehow. I will have to see if I can do something like this. And it's always great when we can get organized. Last week having been our last week of school for the year I cleaned out my desk which is shared with my 6yr old lol! I certainly feel much better now smiley

@Jessica thank you so much! I am obsessed with these little jenga blocks from Dollar Tree, I make so many things out of them! Using wood glue is a safe bet. I ended up nailing the glued up pieces together with a bit of wood glue in the joints to make sure the cubes didn't fall apart. So far, so good.

Yes, it is so satisfying organizing and giving everything a home! I'm about to make some more custom shelves for an amazing rubber stamp collection I recently acquired, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn't pass up. Now to figure out how to store them.....

Cheers to the start of summer, I hope you and your lil' desk mate make all kinds of cool things! Anything fun you're making together?

PS- I absolutely LOVE your bundles! smiley

I'm organizing my files and have been for the past several months off and on. I let things go and had a poor system. I'm always interested in reading about what works for others to keep things so they can be found.

I'll be working on the August blog train and some of the layout challenges for this month, and also some new graphics for the commons.

Floated in the pool and BBQ