Where do you eat?

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Where do you eat?

After reading a lot of the responses to "where do you craft?" and a lot of people used their dining table, I started to wonder where people commonly eat. Should dining rooms just be relabeled craft rooms?

We have a dining table in our kitchen, no formal dining room in our current house. And we do eat most of our meals there. I don't actually like sitting at tables, I often find it uncomfortable, and I do enjoy eating a meal basically anywhere else. But these days with the kids, etc, we eat mostly at the table.

We do let our kids eat snacks on the couch, although we stay away from foods that are messy.

We're are so bad in our house... we almost always eat dinner on the couch watching a show. As far as breakfast... we either sit in the kitchen nook or outside on the patio if the weather is nice. Lunch depends on if hubs is in town or not. We will go out to lunch if I feel like going by and picking him up but most of the time he comes home and eats whenever he can find a free minute being in IT.

I dont eat at the same time as everyone else so I eat where ever my laptop is..... addicted much?? hahahahahaha

I eat at the kitchen table or my computer desk, which has additional pull-out trays on each side of the keyboard tray.

Breakfast - at the kitchen island. Dinner is almost always in the living room watching TV.

We try very hard to eat dinner at our table, but we often end up in the living room with a kid's show or movie. We only let them eat in those two rooms, though, with the RARE exception of popcorn downstairs for a projector movie, because they're a mess!