Join us in the brand new Pixel Scrapper chat room!

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Join us in the brand new Pixel Scrapper chat room!

I'm pleased to announce that Pixel Scrapper now has a Live Chat Room! (This is for live text chatting, not to be confused with our recent live video chats smiley .)

The live chat room is designed to be a place where our community can hangout, chat, and work on projects together in real time. It is meant to complement--not replace--these forums.

Our chat room is hosted on a platform called Discord. You can use Discord directly in your web browser, or you can download native apps for whatever operating system you are using. We recommend the native apps if possible, as some functionality will not work in a web browser. You can also keep the chatroom with you on the go by downloading the Discord app for your phone (Discord has apps for Android and iOS as well as for desktop operating systems).

1) download the Discord app (recommended):

2) To join the chat room, just click this link, then follow the steps:

When signing up, please use the same user name that you use here in the Pixel Scrapper forums.

(Already have a Discord account? Follow the same link above, then click the "already have an account" link to log in instead of creating a new account.)

If you have any questions about the process, just post below and we'll do our best to help. I look forward to seeing you in the chat room!

This is just what I need! I don’t use the computer much and find forums so much more awkward on my phone/tablet. Thank you soo much for implementing this! I might need to figure out how to change my discord screen name and then I’ll be there smiley

I already have a discord account; it's DollyNipples, and I will be using a nickname for your channel just in case it's considered inappropriate.

I think I figured it out! I'm so "bad at" discord! lololololol

I have Discord. This will be great! TY

Thanks to everyone who's joined so far. It's been fun!

I LOVE Discord, and this is fantastic!

Never heard of or tried it...but I will be checking it out soon! smiley

Great idea!

It said it was invite invalid when I clicked the link and tried to look up Pixel Scrapper and n matches found smiley What am I doing wrong?

I get his error message when I try to join: Invite is Invalid. This invite may be expired or you might not have permission to join.

Any Advice?

Me, too! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Sorry for the broken link! I've created a new link that should not expire.

Click here to join that chat room:

Thanks, Jordan! Off to play... smiley

That's an easy one to get caught by if you're a first-time Discord admin. Thanks for setting up a permanent one!

I just joined! So excited for another way to stay connected!

Never used this before. Think I will try.

Oh no, I'm getting an error for both invites that they're invalid. smiley

@Lauren, sorry to heart that. The link still seems to be working for me in Chrome and Firefox. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Maybe try another web browser and see if that makes any difference?

I just signed into the chat to see how it all works. Hopefully sometime I will online the same time as others with me living in Australia.

@Anne-Marie: If one of our Slow Scrap times works for you, we should have a bunch of people online then.

Do we download the layout ahead of time?

thank you

Awesome idea, I'm gonna give it a try!!

I love This! I just joined

Welcome Sabine! I'll look for you over there.