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I am Marjan. I made my first two-page 12x12 paper layout in 2004, and have been digi- and hybrid scrapping since 2008.

Hello everyone, My name is Kathy Stewart, handle "Kasoonka." I am an army brat and have lived in many places in Canada, plus have traveled to many countries with my job. I have one, grown-up son and a loving husband. Since retirement, we travel to Arizona every winter. To preserve the memories I started scrapbooking with a group of friends. For about a decade I used store bought tools, paper and elements. I loved correcting/improving my photos. Enter Adobe Photoshop and digital scrapbooking. Last year I took many online courses and am really just learning how to make the best of my abilities. and several other online forums have been such a blessing. I love the monthly blog trains and the inspiration they bring. I thank you all for participating to make all of our lives so much better, especially during these COVID times.

Thanks everyone for saying hello! So fun to have so many new faces.

Hi, I live in the Netherlands, married, 2 children and 2 wonderful grandchildren. Years ago I made paper scrapbooks. I have since made a lot of photo books in which I try to make creative pages, but now that I have discovered digital scrapping, a new world opens up for me. So nice to try out everything and have already found my favorite designers.

Hi, I live in New Zealand and have been messing with graphics software for years. I do digital scrapbooking as part of my journaling process so most of my spreads are pretty wordy. I mostly write about day-to-day stuff and what I'm reading/writing/watching at the time, and moan about my inability to finish various challenges that I find online.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's spreads!

Hi, I'm Susan and I live in Western Canada. I have been a photography enthusiast for almost 40 years (with a short pause to take up glass beadmaking/fusing and silversmithing). I started in the film days, doing B&W darkroom and was a photo lab supervisor (film) for 7 years. You would think post processing digital images would be a breeze for me. Nope, computers and me don't seem to get along. I have had Paint Shop Pro for 3 years and never used it. Until a month ago when I took a freebie course at Scrapbook Campus. I was never a scrapbooker, but I have to say I am hooked. And I am blown away that I can create something like this...on a computer no less! I am a rank newbie in the scrapbooking and design department. is awesome. So many supplies at the click of a button. I am greatful for the free downloads and I am inspired by the designers and the contibutors to this site.

Welcome everyone! So glad to have some new faces here.

Hi, I'm new from South Texas. Recently rekindling my love of scrapbooking

Hi everyone!

My name is Sabine. I am 40 and i am a Crazy cat Lady who loves to plan, hybrid memory keeping and craft with My Cricut.
I live in The Netherlands with My husband and 4 kittys.
I hope to find a lot of gorgeous inspiration on here.

Welcome Mary & Sabine!

My name is Ruth Helpful, and I come from New Zealand. I am 37 years old and have 7 children my youngest is 6 weeks old. I am a trained Early Childhood teacher and live and work on the West Coast of the South Island. I have always loved taking photos especially of my family. Keeping memories has become so important to me after losing my Dad 15 years ago to cancer and realizing that I had next to no photos of him and he was gone. I love to fiddle with photos and make them look nice, and often work on projects for my brothers and sisters families as well.
Just recently I have decided that I would like to make a family scrapbook, so here I am!

Hi Ruth, I'm up in Marlborough and just joined recently as well. It's always nice to see a local online, the whole internet seems to be in opposite timezones sometimes!

Hii. I am Anjana from India. A history enthusiast and photoshop lover. Glad to be a part of this wonderful community.

I am married with 3 girls, Dylan (11), Bailey (7) and Cori (2). I truly believe I was born with artsy fartsy he blood running through my veins. Now, 40 years later, that is still what truly describes me. I’ll began scrapbooking when I was a freshman in college. I slowly began to use more techniques and try out new products. When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I went to my first crop with friends from work. My passion for scrapbooking truly took off that weekend. Now, 11 years later, from my first crop, I have decided to dip my toes in to the digital world of scrapbooking. I love practicing my lettering and drawing on Procreate anyways. I recently had to scrap purge my craft room which was beyond emotional. I love stuff. Though he denies it, I know my husband was doing a little happy dance in hiding.
Y’all be patient with me and my questions on my digital scrapbooking endeavor. I am super pumped and ready to get this show on the road! I can’t wait to meet some new scrapping buddies!

Hi, I'm Amanda and I'm a senior in college. I've been using Pixel Scrapper for years (since about HS) to create things. smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!