Making an Action in PS C6

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Making an Action in PS C6

I've tried following some online tutorials, but I must be missing some step or not fully understanding each step.

I created the action in PS C6, the atn file shows up in my saved folder. But when I open it in Photoshop Elements it doesn't allow me to actually open the action. It shows up in the Action window, but it won't allow me to open the drop down in order to play the action, if that makes sense.

All of the steps that I am using are available in PSE so it should work. I assume there is something I'm doing wrong when saving it. It shows up and works in PS C6.

Also it is telling me to save it in an "action set" but I really just want the one action. I hope this makes sense. I have never really attempted making my own actions before.

Thank you for any help.

I have never tested mine for PSE before, so I can't be of much help!