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Does anyone else collect fonts? What are your favorite fonts to use in your scrapbooking either for journaling or designing.

Here is a list of some of my favorites. Would love to know what your GO TO fonts ae!

I'm a big fan of fonts! I typically use Traveling Typewriter or Architects daughter for journaling.

I also have quite the collection of the pea fonts.

I usually gravitate toward cursive fonts. I have thousands installed, so I don't have any in particular that I use repeatedly. I'm not one for journaling on my layouts, however I am trying to branch out of my comfort zone and do more than just using the name of whoever is pictured.

I like fonts that resemble handwritten print - My Big Heart has been a solid favourite for a few years and is what most of my journal entries are printed in. That, and messy grungy typewriter fonts.

Hi Karry,

I don't (yet) have many of your pretty fonts, but a collection of 3700 fonts in 25 years is enough. But I love fonts and I'm always looking for new ones. The fonts at the bottom of the picture are of the new date. I clean up my collection from time to time.
I get most of them from, but every now and then I buy one.

OOh I love fonts and some of those look so cool.

My current favourite is Drippy Brush. I love this one!! Doesn't have any numerals though.

Cannot find the source again. Sorry.

And no its not a font that has dripping paint like halloween.

is it this one Robynne:
It is not free..

Yes thats it smiley

I was able to download it with no payment...

Cannot remember from where, sorry.

It may be available somewhere else.

It might have one of their daily freebies...
Every day you can download 1 free font, 1 graphic and 1 craft.. every day a new one...

That is possible, Patricia. Thanks. smiley

As a font fan, I also pay attention to fonts on scrap layouts here in the gallery. There are often very appealing, modern fonts there.
Unfortunately, the font artists are not often given credit. I would be happy if more would do that, then you can search for these fonts yourself and the font designer sees at the downloads that his font is appealing.
With particularly beautiful fonts I also go to the homepage of the font artists and look at further font design and dingbats. Every now and then I buy a font, like the "Sugar Medley" in my picture above, which looks like an icing font on cakes.

I try to include the font names and wish it was more popular. smiley

My faves are Helvetica, Bebas Kai and Gineva right now.

Thank you Bina for your kind answer and for naming your favorites. I'll go and look right away ... smiley)

I love sample sheets of fonts! I have thousands of fonts. I hoard fonts lol I have SO MANY favorites but here are a few of my top ones.

I'm a font addict. I have thousands. I'm particularly in love with Whimsical serif fonts, and typewriter fonts. I also have a soft spot for grungy type fonts too.

@Karry, thank you so much for sharing your favorites list. I recognize and use several of them. A few of them I need to add to my Wish List of Fonts. smiley