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Printing or not

So I am curious when you do a digi journal, or Bible Journal or TN or even a regular digi scrapbook page, are you printing these? I'm not typically printing, but rather put them in a "book" style video. Just wondering....

I typically don't print, either, anymore. What does get printed are photos taken by my daughter-in-law, who requests a specific size (5 X 7, etc.).

So do you make slideshows or digital books?

I will eventually print the layouts I'm creating, especially the All About Family digi scrapbook I'm creating as one of the challenges here on PS. I'm also creating two middle school years scrapbooks for each of my daughters. I'll print those as books. As for the rest, I'll print those layouts individually to put in my scrapbooks - I have many physical albums that I just need to fill with paper layouts.

@Beryl I have a digital picture frame; it circles through them all. I also use layouts as desktop backgrounds (I have a 27-inch monitor). My son logs onto my computer from his and he and his wife take which ones they want. I used to get them printed through my sister's friend, but he and his business moved out of state.

The majority of the layouts I make are for our yearly family albums, so I do print those. I used to do them as 12x12 photos and put them into an album, but over the last year, I've started printing them as books on Blurb. It's much more cost-effective for me, especially since they have more regular sales, and my minimalist husband appreciates that they are much thinner than the big binder albums!

I do also play around occasionally with Bible journaling or random artsy pages, and have started redoing some of my older photos from my honestly crappy paper albums from before I married. (I was on a very tight budget and half of the pages never even got finished.) I haven't printed any of those yet, though I may eventually print a couple books to compile my single days. We'll see, since the family albums get priority.

Thanks for your thoughts girls - I was just wondering. smiley