September 2021 DC Color Qi: Dusty Rose

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September 2021 DC Color Qi: Dusty Rose

Welcome to the August Color Qi Challenge.
Qi as in Chinese, literally: air, breath. power, life.

So we are looking for the essence of Jacques, what you think this color says.
Here is an interesting thread!

The challenge here is to either make:
a swatch with our color
or a swatch and a mini (3 papers, 5 elements - like journal card, fastener, frame, tag and flower - at least) with our color
or some graphics with our color.

Here is a code for the kit below good thru August 2021 Tokyo time.

This one is going to be a HUGE challenge for me because this is NOT one of my favorite colors. Challenge accepted!


This one was really hard for me and I honestly don't think I did the color justice, but I had fun anyway. Just love being creative.

You can find this kit in the Commons

So beautiful @Karry Dempsey! The alpha is too cute smiley . Thank you for playing along.

I have now added a code.

This is a color I really like, at least the darker maroon color is one of my favorites.

Karry, I think you did great with the color! I really like the button and the heart paper.

@Lisel Rice thank you for the compliment. I had a tough time. I was searching pallets all over trying to find one I liked that had that color in luck so I made up the best one I could. I love the fabric textures you have in yours. I don't have that texture in my "stash". I love it. I have a burlap one but that's different.

wow! very beautiful ladies ! Many thanks smiley smiley

Thank you for the code, Bina!

Lisel, will you be posting a download link?

Yikes! Forgot that. It's up there now. smiley

Thank you!

I really liked working with this color. Thank you, Bina!

@Karry You really don't like purple, do you? haha

Great work, ladies!

Download Here

@Christina Carrano: So pretty, Christina, looks fab! Thank you for playing along and sharing your creation! smiley

Ok, first time doing a challenge here, so here i go lol


@Bina Thank you so much!

@Vanessa Very cute!

@Vanessa Pauwels: Great to have you, Vanessa. Welcome to the designer challenges and thank you for playing along! Can you pls insert a preview of your designs? The image doesn't show. Thank you.

@Bina: Thank you, i posted the pv again, with me it showed, so if it still doesn't show let me know.

Been trying to put this in the commons for hours. I gave up. I always have trouble with the TOU file. I've given up trying up load several kits.
It's on dropbox here.
Thanks for a great challenge!

@Robin Sampson: So lovely of you going thru the extra trouble of uploading it to yet another host to share !

@Vanessa Pauwels: Perfect visibility now and so beautiful.

@Christina Carrano: Thank you. I am happy for your feedback, Christina.

While I try to come up with a mix of more and less strong colors I wonder if our first assumptions about the color verify when we work with that color.

@Lisel Rice: Thank you for playing and sharing your beauty, Lisel.

It was so nice, Karry, when you posted a link to your kit here so that those of us who are not paid subscribers could get it. Would you consider doing that again?

Liesel, This is a gorgeous combination of colors; it's so classy!

Thank you for sharing it. smiley

You're so welcome~
And thank you, Rose!
I had a lot of fun making this one.

When I saw the color for this challenge, I just had to play. I made a palette and then created a kit from those colors.

"Daisies & Doo-Dads" is available at my "Made by Annette Marie" blog.

cool !!! thanks for all ))))