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This week, the new product is a set of back-to-school punches for edges and corners.
I made a frame using one of the corner punches and you can use it to showcase your favorite back-to-school photo.

You can grab that freebie HERE.

In September, our featured freebie is another frame, but this time, made from those beautiful beads and some nautical rope tubes. This is perfect for a summer photo!

Get it on this page

Last week, the script that hit the store was able to create some acrylic buttons in any color you wanted but with some random shapes.

You can get this set of 12 pastel colored buttons:

Get them on the blog.

And this week, you can create an embroidery patch based on any shape or text.

I created a set of digits that you can use for an anniversary or a sport jersey number.

Available on the blog

This week, the new scripts will turn any vector shape into a jeans patch, with stitching and frayed edges.

I created a full basic alphabet with different shades of blue jeans.

It is available on the blog HERE.

This week, we are baking with PSP. The new product in the store is a set of picture tubes for decorative icing in 15 flavors. As picture tubes, you can hand draw any design or text, but you can also place them along vector path for a neat design.
I created a set of digits in milk chocolate flavor.

You can grab them on the blog.

In the Campus, our monthly theme, in October is Cake, so the freebie for this month is a full alphabet also made of decorative icing.

And you can get this alphabet on the Themed blog post in the Campus. Scroll to the bottom.

If you are still hungry after last week's freebies, this week's product was more icing but this time, it makes some little shells.
So for a freebie, I created some basic shapes that can be combined together to create more designs:

You can grab them on the blog

This week, the newest product in the store is a set of Tatting Picture tubes.

For a sampler, I created this oval frame with one of the Picture Tubes, and I added some gems too.

You can grab it on the blog:
It is in PNG format so it is usable for anyone.

Thank you, Carole! Awesome stuff!

This week, the new script will turn any photo into a colorful silhouette. Since I can't really give you a freebie with one of my photos, I used some words that seem to match the idea of paint splashes.

There is also a variation for the word Colorful/Colourful so everyone can use it.
You can grab those colorful words on the blog.

This time, the newest script will create diamond shaped slats based on any shape image, and based on where you want the focus to be.

As a sampler, I created a 3600-pixels wide template with symmetrical diamond slats.

You can get it on the blog.
It is in .pspimage format, but if you need it in another format, let me know. I can provide it in psd if needed.

The latest script will turn any clipart or design into a wooden puzzle or a flat marquetry project.
For a sample, I created two Christmas ornament "puzzles". Every layer is on its own layer so each piece can be modified, moved, etc. as needed.

You can grab these puzzles on the blog.

More Christmas decorations. This script will generate up to 20 ornaments based on the colors of your choice.

You can get these on the blog HERE.

And if you want more, here are the previous Christmas balls:
Yellow ones
White ones

From Dec 1st to Dec 25th, there will be some daily surprises in the Scrapbook Campus.
Head out to the Christmas Countdown, and check EVERY DAY.

Available here

Thank you Carol, i like digital advents calendars smiley

If you want to add lights to your house but don't want to risk falling off the ladder, I have created some picture tubes that are perfect for that.
As a sampler, I created large digits and embellished them with rainbow strings of lights.

You can grab them on the blog

@Carole Cassel coucou ma belle smiley je n'ai pas trouvé où est ce joli cadeau, les petits chiffres sont trop mignons smiley ????
ou j'ai mal compris ???

Bonjour Biche. As-tu trouvé les chiffres à télécharger? Il faut juste suivre le lien sous l'image.

For the new year, we are offering you something that will go well with something on our minds for almost two years.

You can grab those at the bottom of this blog post.
Thanks to the contributors for that blog post.

As another year vanishes, how about a template to showcase the last 12 months (or any other 12 ideas)?

You can grab this HERE.

oui, merci )))) j'avais juste oublié de me connecter oops smiley désolée de ne pas t'avoir prévenue smiley

If you like slats, I have coded a script that will create circular slats to showcase your photos.
I made a 3600x3600 layered template with such circular slats that can be used in many different ways.

You can get it on the blog

Whether it is snow or sand, you can now "shovel" it around any vector shape with this script (it also includes snow and ice, and dirt).

I created a full alphabet in snow/ice that can be used on any "wintery" project.

Here is where you can get it.

This week, scripting is in the kitchen and I coded a script to turn any shape into one of five types of cookies: oatmeal, graham wafer, peanut butter, molasses, and jam cookies.

I created an alphabet of graham wafers half dipped in chocolate.

It looks delicious, doesn't it? I am getting hungry looking at them!

You can get this alpha (in png format) on the blog.

This week's script lets the user create custom coins with custom text, any font, any design in the center and any material.

I created some "happy birthday" coins.

You can get those coins HERE.

The latest script will cut or tear bits and pieces of an open image. It could be a paper or a photo and can generate straight or random edges.

I used one of Marissa's paper (from the Enchanted Autumn kit) and generated 15 random torn pieces.

You can get these pieces on the blog.

This week, I released a script that will create a graduation tassel with any colors you want (so you can choose the colors of your school) and add the year to it. You can use up to 3 colors together. A great way to commemorate that big event.

I made a greyscale version and a few year tags.

You can get the greyscale version on the blog.

The latest script will create a series of slightly distorted and layered papers from the outline of any character in any font.

I created a series of digits in fading green colors. It would be perfect for St-Pat projects, but for any other paper-related projects.

You can get these digits on the blog

Our Campus theme in March is FESTIVALS
Our themed freebie is a set of floating lanterns picture tubes (so they are for PaintShop Pro users only).

You can get them on this blog post