Junk Journal Idea

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Junk Journal Idea

Hello, just wanna share this awesome junk journal printable that I made! So cool and awesome. lol.

Here is the junk journal materials I use.

You can watch my video of it on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzKtxdUsV7k&t=1755s

Thanks for sharing!

Pretty! I love junk journaling.

Hi Iris,

"Turn your wounds into wisdom", a very beautiful and true saying. By whom is it spoken?

I never heard of junk journals before smiley
For me, it's a scrapbook- art journal, memory journal, therapy. Are you building yours on a pre-made blank book, or did you bind it together yourself?

Bummer, I just packed mine. After living in a 2-story house with a 2-story garage made into apartments for 26 years my hubs and I just bought a MUCH smaller place. Hopefully I'll remember this post. I'll get some photos posted. I don't journal but I used to do large craft shows. Some of my regulars bought a few.
I've been toying with the idea of doing Digital Junk Journals for fun.