Oct 2021 DM: Day 10

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Oct 2021 DM: Day 10

Create two word arts.

(These prompts are meant to be challenging, not impossible. Feel free to adjust as necessary to suit your skill level. You are always welcome to use a graphic from this site if you can't create one yourself.)

I love making wordart ... for personal use and to share.

wordart #1

wordart #2

I love it! Do you know the names of the fonts you used?

Looking great!

They are all so stunning!!

argh, word-art .... my pet peeve, I never know what to write LOL
2 WA, each in French and in English - I hope I didn't make a mistake in English LOL

Christina, those are GREAT!

Biche57...LOVE your word art!

Thanks, Karry!

Excellent work Biche, Robin, and Saksia!

ohhh thanks so much )))) I love the WA so much that I always see here smiley
but i still have to rack my brains to try and do something not too ugly LOL glad you like them))))

The fonts are Sleeplesson Plus and Jenifer Malvia Regular by Asd Studio

Awesome, Kasoonka!

Thanks Christina, for your encouraging words.

You're welcome! Keep designing!