Oct 2021 DM: Day 09, Finished Papers

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Oct 2021 DM: Day 09, Finished Papers

You should have 14 finished papers. Create your preview if you haven't already!

(These prompts are meant to be challenging, not impossible. Feel free to adjust as necessary to suit your skill level. You are always welcome to use a graphic from this site if you can't create one yourself.)

I had to recolor some of my originals ... I appeared to be showing favoritism to the greens in my palette ... Of course, that is pretty much the color of Autumn around here until late November ... I live in a neighborhood with lots of non-deciduous trees in Central Texas! But I have been lucky enough to travel in the Fall to places that do get the gorgeous colors of Autumn!

Not a bad preview I think. Can't wait to start on the elements. Stuck to my pallet pretty well.

I also created these because....GLITTER AT CHRISTMAS!!

Those are lovely, Karry! You can never have too much glitter at Christmas! (Unless it's my toddler dumping a container all over the floor. smiley )

Here's my kit so far. I actually have 16 papers in there, because I'd added another photographic paper to help tie in my weathered wood, and then needed a way to divide them up somewhat evenly for my brain to be happy. So I added in a second plaid paper I'd made when working on my tiny patterns.

looking beautiful!

Like Karry, I probably got ahead of myself, and the challenge, and made more papers. lol


Plaid and solid.

Wow, you guys are amazing! Beautiful papers.

Does anyone have the link to how you make the really cool plaid papers? I can't find the tutorial anywhere.

smiley smiley so pretty, everyone!

Looks great, Kasoonka!

Thank you Christina. Yours are very eye catching. You can tell this is not your first rodeo.

You're right, I've been designing for several years now. Nowhere near as amazing as others, but I enjoy creating graphics. That's what counts.