Oct 2021 DM: Day 08

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Oct 2021 DM: Day 08

Create a striped pattern and a polka dot pattern (end result 2 papers).

(These prompts are meant to be challenging, not impossible. Feel free to adjust as necessary to suit your skill level. You are always welcome to use a graphic from this site if you can't create one yourself.)

Polka dots


for the stripes, I first made my pattern in transparent background, then put my colors and background on the paper.

but I wanted to give a little pep, because I found it too "simple" LOL, so here is the 2nd result (but I don't know if it can be considered as a striped paper

for the dotted paper, I again made a small pattern in black with variations of points, then filled in my paper

Looking up wrapping paper for ideas now. LOL

My dotted paper:

I know I did a stripe yesterday, but I went ahead and made a second one. Which has been surprisingly hard, and I completely failed at turning it on an angle. (One of my attempts actually made a pretty cool geometric paper, though!)

poki's workflow for day 8

@Christina - your dots paper inspired me to try to create something similar. Thanks! smiley

@Karry Love those stripes! Beautiful!

@Sarah Awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Looking good!

@Kasoonka Love that polka dotted paper. Beautiful!

Thanks Christina.