Layout Challenges in 2022

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Layout Challenges in 2022

I can't remember when exactly we switched to having the same kind of challenges every month, but it's probably been about a year at this point. So as we look forward to 2022, let me know what's working for you in the layout challenges and what's not. It's a good time to switch things up.

Templates dont work for me or my software.

Perhaps you can have also have a QP (PNG) challenge as well. Those I can do.

I would love to have a little more variety each month such as Bingo, fav songs, fav books, fav anything really,


@Robynne Lozier: Love your idea, Robynne. There are sooooooo many great QP's here, I have just started to look at them again in more detail and also together with their bundles. They're such a great fix for the sort of spreads I like to do as in text on one page and scrap on the other...

There are several of the recurring ones that I do genuinely enjoy repeating, like the blog train, scraplift, and recipe challenges. There's enough variety in those that it always feels fresh. The recipe one is actually my favorite, since it really makes me dig into my stash and try to put lots of different bits together!

I do agree with Robynne, though, that more variety would be nice. There are certain categories that I only rarely get to (journaling, wisdom), and there were so many fun ones in SLM this year that I just couldn't get to that it would be nice to sprinkle some more of those throughout the year. The ones like using a particular type project, or use all of a mini-kit, would probably work well for this. Or just whatever random fun ones. The QP one would be good, because I always forget to use them at all!

I did kind of miss the recurring Design challenge this year, those ones really helped me step up my scrapbook game. And yes, more Bingo!! Or maybe another way to game-ify it, like one of those random number generators to decide how many papers/what type of element you have to use.

I haven't scrapped in a while because of a major home remodel, but I LOVE templates. They jump start my creativity!!!

I love this :
- Journaling
- Blog Train
- mini kit (not all)
- scraplift
- Template
- letters..ABC challenge

First, I LOVE all the challenges each month. It's what keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going on the millions of photos I have to scrap.

I have liked all of the challenges thus far but as Becky mentioned, I didn't get around to a few during SLM because I ran out of time. It would be helpful if those challenges that took time to do (e.g., take a photo each day for a week and scrap them) were put out at the beginning of the month. I'm not good with QP's because I like to change things around a in the template accommodate my photos and preferred design elements.

A few more things:
- I also miss the Design challenges because it made me use or do things I wouldn't normally do on a layout
- Perhaps more "theme" challenges like "tough stuff"
- I like the multiple prompts for the Journaling challenge
- Perhaps there could be multiple quotes for the Wisdom challenges - like the Journaling one where you get to choose what you'd like to scrap
- I like having recurring challenges each month to look forward to, but also new ones that we may have not done in a while or have never done
- Would love to do another ABC type album where I'll have a finished album at the end of several months or a year
- Games are always fun, like the Bingo one, or the random number generator for the page to choose to scraplift
- Redo's - I also have some layouts I'd like to redo but just don't take the time to do that because I have so many I've yet to make...but a challenge would make me do some

Thanks for asking!

I love the ABC challenge as well. In fact I am already planning a new personal ABC challenge starting in December (right after the current one ends) to go from Dec 2021 to Dec 2022 - but of a different subject naturally. Took me a while to find a different subject but I did manage to find one.

I haven't had time to do challenges for a while, but I'm going to start up again now that harvest season is over. I enjoy most of the ones that have been here. I would say my least favorite is the wisdom one, but all of them can be great. Adding new ones to the mix would be cool, too, though. Here's a few ideas that come to mind:

A new technique challenge would be fun, where you have to do a new technique that you haven't tried before, and tell us what that technique was and a bit about how it went for you.

A must use item could be fun - like the scrap with a twist challenges where you must use a specific oddball item/element in the layout.

Maybe an 'opposite' scraplift - do everything the opposite of the layout given. Would be fun just to see what everyone comes up with.

Ooh, that opposite one sounds really fun, Tina!

Oh now that's an interesting idea - opposite scraplift

So many great ideas here smiley

I agree, opposite scraplift sounds fun!

Am I getting this fun idea #Opposite correctly? As in opposed sites? Like everything that is on top would go to the bottom?

Bina - I was reading it like use the opposite color (black instead of white, green instead of red). I’m not sure what opposite embellishments would be — maybe something hard like a flair instead of soft like a flower?

I think the #opposite is however you want to interpret it. Like if it's a vertical layout, then you make it horizontal or if it's mostly on the left, you put most of the elements on the right... Just as there are different ways to interpret a scraplift, it's the same for the opposite. I mean, more often than not, I totally change the detailed elements of a scraplift to fit my own theme but I'll try to stay true to the general shape of the scraplifted layout so that it's clear that it's a scraplift...if that makes sense.

I understand things quite like Linda. Rounded photos become squared, etc...

Thanks so much, ladies smiley
I also really like the idea of describing the project a bit. I love when someone describes their projects @Robynne Lozier and I am also trying to include descripitons.

@Robynne Lozier: So great, would love to see. Are you going to post the layouts?

Of course I will post them!! smiley

smiley smiley Love it, Robynne!

I was wondering what you would be thinking about a re-run of the ABC's challenges that we are about to finish in November or if you would rather like a 1, 2, 3 challenge.

A 1,2,3 challenge could be either weeklies or as in week one, week two (where I personally find weekly challenges a bit much, I also need good internet to upload, you know my problem...) and so on.

Or a 1,2,3 could be numbered according to anything like priorities or things I have done or places I have been or what not, my readiang journey in 24 steps however you would want to space it out, too.

The 1,2,3 could be a Scripture Challenge. On the different books of the The Holy Bible or any other Holy Book of your personal faith. If your faith does not have a book then this is a good opportunity to make one.

A 1,2,3 is also great for mixed media and more art journaley pages like I make them a lot, with the center of emphasis on photos or even stories.

I would love to hear your thoughts. smiley

The more choices the challenge itself allows for, the more people can participate.

Thanks everyone for all your thoughts! We'll take these into consideration as we get ready for 2022 (!)

The Thing about Numbers Bina is that they can go on and on forever.

The ABC has a finite start and a finite finish and doing one LO every 2 weeks is doable!

I prefer the ABC challenge. A Rerun would be great!!

As I have said. I got my subject picked out already!! smiley

Oh, I think the number 1, 2, 3 challenge could be a nice change of pace. You could set the final number to 24, for example, and still have the same pace as this year's ABC challenge, so 2 layouts/month, ending with a complete scrapbook in one year. Or you could just say, 21 as the final number or it could be the minimum number and people could do more than 21 if desired.

I think the number thing could work, if it was set to a finite number. Like say a 25 things, which would work out to about every 2 weeks with a bit of a grace period near the end of the year.

ETA that I started this post and got distracted by kids, so I guess thinking along the same lines as Linda! I didn’t see your post until I finished, sorry!

Oh gosh - no worries! Great minds, as they say... smiley

I think a challenge similar to the "name the next color" challenge, with a twist, would be fun.
Like name the next design element, or name a "main" and "accent" color, or even name a link to a layout to scraplift.

I'd definitely like more variety instead of the same ones each month. I like the templates, recipe, blog train, previous months kits, etc. I'm with Shaindel, I liked the "name the next color" challenge, so anything like that would be fun. So many great ideas here, though! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with in 2022.

Oh, another thing. I've been saving layouts to scraplift from the monthly Gallery Scavenger Hunts - perhaps a Gallery Scavenger Hunt scraplift challenge each month?

@Linda De Los Reyes: I second that. smiley