Oct 2021 DM: Day 14

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Oct 2021 DM: Day 14

Create 5 labels with words.

(These prompts are meant to be challenging, not impossible. Feel free to adjust as necessary to suit your skill level. You are always welcome to use a graphic from this site if you can't create one yourself.)

Terrific labels, Saskia! Wish I knew how to do that text style. You (and Karry) should come on the Discord chat. smiley

Looking good!

word tags (made 3 ways: blank, with seasonal image, and with phrases)

I went with activities that work with my theme.

And then I went back and redid one of my original word arts. TBD whether I redo the other 2, since they were more label style to begin with.

I love word bits...might just make a whole page of them.

@Christina: Thanks!! And I have never done Discord, but becasue of my work also no time to get there.

@Christina I have Discord on my phone but I don't know what the chat is. what do I search for? My handle is Karry#2034

@Saskia Oh, that's too bad! smiley

@Karry The directions are here.

I admit, I kept it simple LOL

Those are great, Biche!

you're too nice Christina ))) that encourages me to continue !!!!! thank you smiley

Just being truthful, Biche! You're doing a fantastic job of designing. Keep going!