Creating a Crafting Plan for 2022

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Creating a Crafting Plan for 2022

First, see my blog post here with guidance for reflection. Then come back here and share your thoughts and plans for 2022!

I do include a quarterly plan in the PDF on my blog post. If there's interest I can set up a quarterly check in here to see how we're all doing with our goals.

I think this might help me with direction, there are too many things I want to do. I kind of get helter skelter when I sit down to work (play). Then there is this cat that wants to sit on me or my computer which doesn't help.

Thanks. How do you balance scrapping and designing?

This looks great, Marisa! I’m working through it now, and ended up printing a second copy so I can use this process to guide my sewing as well. I’m looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

Hi to Marisa AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR ONGOING WORK TO SUPPORT US. hELLO TO EVERYONE ELSE. I cant wait to find out what others are doing and planning. My problem is thinking to far ahead and many pieces of work.

I started a door project. I have one door that is sliding into bathroom, one door opens out into the hallway instead the other way. Im not a decorator but have a total of 6 doors in my hallway of a 1 bed flat !.
Sadly i lost my husband in June this year so my mind went into overdrive.

I am part way through a long collage door panel with depth made by old picture canvas, The theme is Ancient Greece. The lower part of the basic door is a sea of swirling water and Poseidon rising with trident. The top will be Zeus on Mt Olympus giving his children a ticking off with fire and lightening bolts.
Then areas of collage using all the things i love about ancient lands.
Once all thats finished the panel will go on using a new product in the UK making it easy to remove without damage to the basic door.
The panel will have the beauty of the world of the Gods hopefully it will all come together with some of my paintings and books i own plus images of the world itself.

This door is the first.
Three more of the doors are slowly being turned in to a tropical paradise with leaves and animals that live within. The other two are open to any thoughts- possibly a garden of alien delight.
The last perhaps stained glass, cloisters etc..

I have bought three torso shop dummies for collage and change using clay that warms itself and dries to a hard surface. Plus i have gypsum and frame making wire mesh to play with.
I am a gemini and always on the go. My life is art and mostly my enjoyment are books , architecture ,stained glass and horror.

Im not sure if anyone can help with info and direction, im open to suggestion.
Respect Amanda

@Sarah: I just do a lot of scrapbooking. Having my iPad helps me differentiate what I'm doing. When I'm at my computer I feel like I'm working, when I'm using my iPad I feel like I'm playing.

I'm still sorting through my actual quarterly plan, but here's some of my thoughts so far.

  • I did get quite a bit done - my annual album (I do them from June through May of the following year, to correspond with my anniversary), the ABC challenge as of today, and the layout/designer madness challenges from here.
  • My favorite thing is making layouts, and I do love the challenges for those here! Being on Marisa's creative team this year has stretched me quite a bit, in a good way! I was also pleasantly surprised by finding that designing was doable for me, and I'd like to build on that further.
  • The biggest drag is finding stuff in my digital stash. Organization is hard, and I probably honestly need to pare down. I did find that labeling things as I use them is helpful, as is doing broad searches and mass labeling in my PSE organizer, but there's just sooooo many files.
  • Sitting down to do a layout or two in the afternoons works well for me, as the kids let me. Sometimes this introvert mom just needs a break from the little people! I would like to try to incorporate some regular time for organizing and playing around with designing, but I'll admit that I don't want it to be constantly at the expense of my other two big hobbies (sewing and reading).
  • Two projects that I'd like to finish over the next year are my next yearly album after May wraps up, and the Chile travel album that I did work on some last year. I know the unfinished paper one is in that sewing closet somewhere, I just need to find it first. I'd also like to try to do some kits for the monthly blog trains.
  • I don't feel a huge need to change my overall style, but I do want to play some more with incorporating mixed media into my layouts, and some more Bible journaling. I'd also like to see if I can incorporate my kids into the process more, because both of my sons enjoyed helping me with choosing some elements on occasion this year. I'm hoping I can start pulling them into the journaling.

Hope you have the discipline, Becky, to pare back, I don't!

That's a great set of plans Becky. I don't have anything quite that cohesive yet, even if *is* December 11th! smiley

I would like to do more Bible Journaling. I think I'd approach it in more of a hybrid fashion since I have quite a bit of Christian washi tape, stamps, stickers, etc. from my paper sb days that would work nicely.