What kind of learner are you?

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I learn best visually and hands-on, so I like real courses or digital forums, where you can communicate and show while teaching and learning.

I am Mostly a visual learner but hand on helps a lot. That being said with tutorials I've had to use all three learning methods. As a teacher I have found that all three are the most effective in a large classroom.

It really depends on the content. If it's dry legal ease.... uhhhh let me print it out and nightlight it up. If it's learning how to do something in the digital world....... a written tutorial. Videos move to slow for me. When it comes to my job.... hands on.

I would have to say that first I am a kinesthetic learner...very tactile here. I only refer to written instruction when I can't figure something out visually. Auditory is the on the bottom rung of my learning tool belt. College was a real challenge for me when it came to classes - naturally all auditory. BUT they had this awesome pen that I got to use for free. It could record what was said...yes, that's right it was a recording device in a PEN!!! It also wrote on special books ( I got those for free too) there was a camera in the end of the pen...yes a CAMERA. It would videotape what you wrote. Then on the special notebooks that I had to use I could at any given point on the page touch the pen to the line and it would replay everything that was said at that time point...also I could download all my written notes into my computer and it would print out the entire class notes..even the ones the teacher gave us in the PowerPoints. You can buy this pen on Amazon. Considering what it can do it is worth every dime. If you are disabled, check first to see if you can get one free. I did. Okay, off my soapbox about this amazing pen.

I am a slow learner but when i know i know it very well smiley

I like personal education. Some people can teach well so that when they show it even u can do it.

smiley Same here, slow, slower, Bina.

I find that unless I slow down a video dramatically it goes too quickly for me to catch it all and then follow through. Written instructions, like Marissa often does, work best for me. And then it helps if I follow along in PS so the instructions are sort of cemented in. smiley