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You're welcome! The more you create, the easier it gets and the quicker you work. January has a good palette too. I still have to get it together for December. lol

What a fantastic blog train. I'm blown away by your creativity and generosity. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Great BLOG TRAIN this month. I also noticed some of the new designers. Its fun to see the different kits come together with the different styles in the group. Lorri

What an awesome train!! Thank you to all the designers for their hard work and creativity in putting this train together smiley I am always in awe of your talents!!

thanks ASailors for your update )))

I never made an actual comment in regards to the Blog Train.

Just wanted to say, wonderful job to all the designers! It always amazes me how everything comes together to sort of make one big super kit each month.

Thank you everyone for your wonderful gifts of love and talent!! Hope your thanksgiving time was wonderful!

It never ceases to amaze me the amazing digital gifts these artist give to us < Thanks a bunch!