Gallery: What is a layout?

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Gallery: What is a layout?

A note to foreigners: I translated some of the instruction in this post for different languages. Please read at least these!

Hello everybody!

Since the gallery guidelines are a sticky post on the beginner forum, but we are still having issues with some people uploading materials that AREN´T layouts to it, I figure out that not all the newbies, specially those whose English is not the first language and/or come from a graphics/web design background sometimes take some time to figure out what a layout is in digital Scrapbooking.

A layout is a image that was made arranging several digital scrapbook assets, in a way to preserve a memory or idea in a artistic way. A layout is composed using four basic types of "information: Papers, Elements (or embelishments), photos and journaling. Most of the layouts include at least three of these types.

These are layouts, and therefore, are correctly placed at the gallery:
Estes são layouts, e, portanto, podem ser incluidos na galeria:
Estos son layouts, y por lo tanto se pueden incluir en la galería:
Questi sono i layout, e quindi possono essere incluse in galleria:

Look at the links below to see what kind of stuff CAN´T be uploaded to the gallery (those are assets, and must be uploaded by designers):
Clique nos links abaixo para ver que tipo de coisa NÂO pode ser colocada na galeria (esse tipo de material deve ser colocado no site apenas pelos designers do
Haga clic en los enlaces de abajo para ver qué tipo de cosas no se puede colocar en la galería (este tipo de material debe ser colocado en el sitio sólo por los designers de
Clicca sui link sottostanti per vedere che tipo di cose non può essere collocato nella galleria (questo tipo di materiale deve essere posto sul sito solo dai designers):

-journal cards;
-Stacked papers;
-Quick pages;

Thanks for understanding and using our gallery correctly!

TY for clarifying smiley

Thanks for that! off to read the guidelines now smiley

I don't know how to post my work on the galery smiley and I 'm french and don't speak english very well ...

thanks for the info.

That's a great definition as to what a layout is. I won't be uploading anything for a while yet smiley but this is great information to hold onto. Thanks for the clarification.

To see (the layout pages) is always good for one to remember. Thank you.
I'm back to the forum to inform myself.

Do there have to be at least 4 aspects to be considered a layout? Most of mine only have 2 scrapping elements and then text that I've added.

Does it have a picture? It was made for you, with a personal story, or someone can grab it and use in their own art or as a meme? It´s finished?

In doubt, a layout is authoral, tell a story that belong to you or your dear ones, and is not a base for someone to do their own page.

Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info! smiley

Good to know! Thank you!

Thanks for the information.

I'm new to digital scrapbooking, so as of yet my layouts do not have any journaling on them. I guess that is something I need to go back and do, feel comfortable with, and maybe eventually upload and show a layout or two of mine. smiley

Your layouts dont have to have jouraling Jo. Only if you want it to. Most of my layouts do not have journaling because I am not great with words. smiley

That's a relief to know! lol

Awesome! All good stuff to know!

Thanks for the information smiley

Hi and please forgive me if i'm asking a dumb question. (I'm not that good in English smiley )
But is it ok to upload a layout with my own pictures in it, but the layout is bought on Etsy?

@Lillian: That depends more on the layout you purchased. It's totally fine with our gallery. Occasionally designers have different requirements about sharing work that uses their products. Most likely it's fine, especially if you share a link to the items you used. Hope that helps!

@marisa: Thank you so much smiley I understand now smiley

I assume tha digital planner layout would also be considered appropriate? I use exclusively for digital planning right now and hope to share some out of the box layouts.

We've expanded our gallery categories, so you can definitely share your digital planner pages. Looking forward to seeing them!

Thanks for taking the time to Explain everything. even in Spanish!!