Question: Is an element and an asset the same thing?

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Question: Is an element and an asset the same thing?

Question is in subject line.
I'm trying to learn digi terms but I've never heard of an asset before.
Thanks for your help.

An asset is something you use to create a design. Like assets could be three flower templates and a button template. The design would be that you recolored and combined all those assets to create one new flower. An element is a finished item that you use in a layout.

Oh, ok. Next question: Are we allowed to use items that we find on this site to recolor? If I recolor a flower and use it on a layout I have to attribute it to the person who created it, right? How do I know that the items I find here are original and are allowed to be copied and recolored.

I'm sorry for the questions. These are just a few that I haven't been able to find an answer for from my searches here.

Thank you for your time and patience!

There are personal use and commercial use downloads here. All the graphics in the commons are personal use, while the regular downloads are commercial use. The CU license is very liberal here and you can find it on the Help tab in the top menu. For the most part, no attribution is required for the CU graphics, but you should read the licensing details.

Thank you for your help and tips, Tina. I appreciate you taking the time.

I had not heard it explained that way before Tina. In Adobe Illustrator you export "assets" which are basically "layers" of your project so I always assumed it just meant the same as an element since they are a finished design. Thanks for sharing what you learned about it! smiley

How do I know that the items I find here are original and are allowed to be copied and recolored.

Most things from the listed designers on this site are hand created, drawn or scanned. As a designer here I know whatever I upload has to be allowed for commercial use as well, which is called CU4CU. That means I cannot use 99% of commercial use [CU] designer resources found on other sites and I find trying to figure out most of their terms confusing. So I generally use items from this site (since all designers outside of the commons have to follow this clause), hand draw/create my images, and scan from public domain [vintage] images. Sometimes I even use my own photographs of items. For example, like some of my buttons or the photo of the wood pile on a recent journal card I made. So hopefully that helps to answer your question there - which is a very good one by the way! smiley

Thanks Jessica for sharing and answering another of my questions. I'm contemplating trying to design something. I need to check out how to do that and try to figure out if my entry is worthy. No clue how to determine that on my own so I guess I'll just submit and listen to the feedback. Hopefully there will be a lot of feedback because that's the best way for me to learn.

Did you find a reference to an asset somewhere here on the site? Many years ago we referred to our graphics as assets, but changed the terminology to be clearer. If you found an old reference I'd love to update it.

I'm sorry Marisa, I don't recall where I read it.

@Marisa These are what I can see as the only graphics tagged "asset ".

No worries Sharin. Just a bit of site history now smiley

@Jessica: Thanks!