Is it possible to design without a Wacom tablet?

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Is it possible to design without a Wacom tablet?

I was watching a YT yesterday and the guy said that it is impossible to design with a mouse...that you'd drive yourself bonkers. I don't have a Wacom and don't think I'll be getting one any time too soon because of the expense. Is there another tool to use besides a Wacom tablet?

Thanks ladies.

I've never used my Wacom in designing, I got way too frustrated trying to learn how to use it. I've been desiging off and on for over 10+ years with only a mouse. Works just fine for me. HTH! smiley

Wow, That is the best news I've heard allll week! smiley
Thank you for your reply.

I also could never get comfortable with a Wacom tablet. Although I recently got an iPad with an Apple pencil and I would say it has revolutionized my designing. But I did get along fine without it for many years smiley

Thanks. I'm giving it a shot. I'm guessing designing would be on my PC than my Samsung tablet, even though it has a pen. I watched a few of your YT tutorials and you are super fast! Maybe I'll get speedier as time goes on...

I've been designing full time for basically 10 years now, so I have a few things down smiley