How do you create color palettes?

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How do you create color palettes?

I am really curious. I have seen various sites where you can create or generate color palettes. Sites like Seeds would also provide color palettes, however, all those sources will generate a small palette of 5-6 colors. When you plan a blog train or a kit, it seems that the color palettes have a LOT more colors.
How do you get all of those?
Do you start with only a few and then "fill in" with complementary colors?

I usually make them from my photos with Adobe Capture Love it as it lets you import the swatches to PS or Illustrator.

Can you export an "image" of the swatch? Or get the Hex values from the app?
Since I only have an old Photoshop version, I am not sure if it would work for me (plus, I would like to use something in my PSP after).

Carole, it gives you the ase color files for Illustrator and Photoshop. Everything is pretty well integrated, so there is no fussing about with conversions. Actually Capture and vectorize are my go to apps. They can do a lot.

Ahhh, color palettes are the bane of my existence. I'm a quilter as well as a scrapbooker and coming up with colors that go together is impossible for me!!