Weekly Challenge - Designer Lift - Deadline Sept 12

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Weekly Challenge - Designer Lift - Deadline Sept 12

A scraplift is a great way to practice your layout skills, giving your brain a rest from creative side while it just works on developing skills. It's a great practice for designers as well, and I used to do a lot of it back when I was getting started.

For this challenge, you need to create something from scratch, so pick something that's just outside your skill set so you have to work a little. Find a finished design (it could be a paper, an element, a template, etc) and reproduce it as exactly as you can using just your skills. This is a great time to finally google something you've been wondering about, like making a repeating pattern, using actions, etc.

Feel free to ask questions here and I'll do my best to help you towards your goal.

This was a real challenge!! I was never very good at drawing animals, specially horses. So, when I saw this cute horse from this font: DT Rachel Toys; I thought it was perfect for this challenge.
Here is my try:

It is not really perfect , but I'll keep working on it until I'm happy with the result.

I tried to make an envolope as realistic as it can be.
This is the original one;

and mine;

And actually I'm following your advice about try to copy layouts to improve scrapbook skills.
Good advice though!

Cintia - That is adorable!
Elif - Very realistic, I like it!

I also scraplifted a Layout. Here is my scraplift and the original:

The floral paper on top I tried to reproduce. I used flowers that were already made, but I had to color them.

Looking great! They are all fantastic!

One of my problems is being able to make a realistic cluster!
I scraplifted a Kimeric cluster frame to go with my band photos.
I didn't like the banner in front, so I left it out.

Nice job Judy, love your cluster!

OK Marisa, I need help! I have been googling this for weeks, but I can't find anything. I'm trying to recreate a torn paper effect. I tried scanning a torn/ripped paper and recreate this, but no luck there. I just don't know where to start. Can you help me make this (or something like this?): http://scraporchard.com/market/Torn-Paper-Masks-2.html

@Melouise I found these here on Pixel Scrapper, maybe there's a way to warp them around a shape somehow?? I'm not too familiar with PS yet so I have no idea how you'd do it though, ha... sorry!



@Melo: The torn edge made by Brooke was scanned (I asked her), and here's her tutorial for using it. For something totally surrounded by torn edges, I'm not sure how I would do it. I might actually just tear the shape out in real life and then somehow clip on the digital paper. I guess it's something I'll have to put on my designer lift list as well.

Looking closer at those templates you linked to, I feel like they must have been scanned. You'd need to use a thick paper, probably one that is colored and tears away white.

I am somewhat obsessed with getting realistic plastic flairs. I always see something that looks better...the grass is always greener...Anyway, taking a stab at it again. I really liked these flairs, and I think this is as good as I'm going to get it today. Maybe someday I will achieve that flair perfection I've been striving for...

I've only made like 2 flairs and you're right, they're tricky!!

I took a lot of leeway in lifting this cluster but am happy with the results.
the original
[/img] [img][/img]
and mine

oh.. Harriet! This is amazing! How did you make it?

Rani, I scrap like I cook, no recipes nor notes. I'll try to recreate the steps (there were many) and let you know. Thanks for the compliment.

I thought a lot about your request and this is what I came up with:

I made round torn brush with those ones:

Making it round gave me a lot of freedom whem using it, and was able to obtain this:

If you think this will help you achieve what you want, here is the download link:


Thank you, Cintia. This in not something I thought I needed but now that you've given it to us I can think of lots of reasons to use it. Thanks for your generosity.

Great idea Cintia! That looks like it works great!

Thank you girls, I think it works pretty well, all things considered I am happy with the result smiley

THAT IS AMAZING!!! It never crossed my mind to turn the torn paper into a brush. I was trying to warp the scanned tear, as Cat pointed out too, but that doesn't work. Thank you so much for sharing these and taling the time to make them! LOVE you *hugs*

@Marisa- I think your flair looks super awesome! They ARE tricky to make. I made some a while back and thought I would throw them on
here in case you or anyone else would like to add some more flairs to their stash:)

This Layer Style comes with 3 different flair styles, each a little different. Here is an example of how they look.

You can grab them from dropbox HERE:)

I hate that I was to late to join this scraplift challenge because I sooooo wanted to scraplift one of Brooke's bookplates that I LOVED. I never was able to recreate the beautifulness of hers, but I did wind up making a bookplate that I was satisfied with:) I will definately do the next scraplift challenge, these are AWESOME, and I LOVED seeing what everyone else did, and all the neat things that people made!

Thank you, Sheila. I love actions that save time and look better than what I would have done. These definitely meet that criteria.

These are great Sheila, and I'll use them a lot! thanks! smiley

I just wanted to share one more thing:
This is a element I made using the torn round brush as a eraser for the border efect:

What do you think?

@Sheila: Thanks! I'm always on the prowl for flair styles

@Cintia: Your edge brush rocks!

This is an awesome designer resource, Cintia! Thank you so much for making it and for sharing it with us!

Oh, I adore flairs and I am so thrilled to see your fantastic layer styles for making them, Sheila. Thank you!

You are so generous to share them with us. Much appreciated, m'dear.

Wow Cintia, you rule! what a gorgeous torn element. I haven't had time to use your brush yet, but I will tomorrow night, can't wait!

Your brush works like a charm Cintia!

PSOct_abloom-card3x4-thankful by abloom_melo, on Flickr

You ladies are all so talented! smiley Thanks for sharing all of your hard work and inspiration!