Database rollback resulted in some lost content

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Database rollback resulted in some lost content

Dear community:

Our site was targeted by a large bot spam registration attack on April 17. Unfortunately, because of this attack we had to rollback our database and lost about 12 hours of new content. (Anything that was added to the site on April 17 between approximately 3:30 am and 3:30 pm US Pacific time.)

As always, we are so sorry to have lost these items! I know it is never fun to have to re-do past work, but if you have the time and patience please consider re-uploading your wonderful creations so that we can all enjoy them again.

Generally we have to rollback the database less than once a year, but of course no one can predict when the next bot attack will hit, or when a server hard drive might fail. Thank you so much for your patience and support when we run into technical issues like this! This really wasn't how I wanted to spend a good part of Easter Sunday, but such is life. smiley

Sorry You Had to work On Easter!! Thanks for getting back up and running.

Awww, bummer! Sorry to hear that! Thanks for addressing it, Jordan.

I'm sorry this happened, but I am SO glad you're back! This website has sort of become my hang out. I love it here! smiley

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. I appreciate it.

So glad you are back, sorry you had to work on Easter

Thanks for all your good job !

Jordan, thank you so much for all that you do for us in terms of upkeep on the site. Your time and effort are much appreciated, but I'm sorry that you had to work on a holiday. You deserve a break just as much as the rest of us do or did.

Sorry for this problem for Easter Jordan, thank you for the wonderful work you do for this site.
I like it a lot here so I'm happy to have you back! smiley
Thanks for all your good job ! smiley

Hi Jordan,

Credits: PS Amanda Lopez, PS-Forum, PS Marisa Lerin,, Font: Charlemagne STD

Exactly in the middle of a thank you letter in the forum was suddenly disappeared. I only lost this one, no other graphics.
So thank you very much for your valuable holiday work, also for your family to spare you on this wonderful family holiday.

Its always sad when people wanna destroy what s not them and should be no thread.

THank u for your support to this site so we still can have all this stuff free or for a small fee.

Oh no! Sorry this happened on Easter. Thank you for fixing things though smiley

thank you for getting the site back. so sad though that you had to work on Easter Sunday.

Thank you, but sad for you ...

Thank you, Jordan!

Thank you for getting the side back. I`m sorry that you had to work on Easter Sunday.

I'm sorry to hear that, but glad you managed to get the site back.
Bot attacks are terrible and they are constantly looking for security holes.

Thanks for all you've done !

Thanks for your hard work and on Easter no less.

Thank you for all of your hard work and transparency you and Marisa are the heart and soul of this awesome resource!

I'm sorry this happened! But I am glad that the site is back.
Thanks for your hard work smiley

Thanks for all the support and encouragement, everyone!

@Doska, thank you for the lovely digital card! smiley

I missed you today! Glad you're back! Becoming sort of addicted....was cold turkey smiley

Thank you Jordan !

Thank you for your hard work and patience too! We all appreciate your endurance to keep our little community up and running!

Thank you for the swift reaction. I totally love this site and you all have encouraged me to begin scrapbooking again.

Thanks for being on top of things. So sorry it you had to deal with this on Easter Sunday. Hope you at least got some time to relax a bit today.

So sorry to read about the BOT issues. I enjoy this site, and I feel sad that you had to roll the database back over the weekend.
I hope the designers and creators will re-upload their creations. I get so much inspiration looking at their creations

Jordan, you rock! Thanks for all the hard work, overtime on a holiday.
I second what Kelly Wardlow said; you and Marisa are the heart of this community, and we love you!

Oh Jordan. Wow. I have had a couple of pretty bad viruses and one that was fatal - the famous Valentines Virus. No fun. I know you are the bomb and will recover what is possible. We appreciate you. Smiles, Beth