Uploads should be working again

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Uploads should be working again

Uploads (of graphics/kits/layouts/etc.) should be working again after a slight disruption. Thanks for everyone who reported the issue!

Note: if you are seeing some broken images on the site, please try clearing your browser cache.

Thank you! I'll try to upload again tomorrow and let you know if I still have issues.

Thank you!

smiley smiley smiley

@Rachel: thanks for letting me know. For now I've just deleted the duplicate. Do let me know if you have consistent issues with duplicates being created.

Not sure about ul's this time but gettng this when trying to edit
SERVER ERROR. Please contact support with the following error message: it appears that s3fs file directory is not mounted.
and it won't let me edit the post.

@Bina: thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now. smiley