Download speed issues

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Download speed issues

I was wondering if anyone else was having problems with downloads being so slow. I mean painfully slow. I have rebooted, speed tested and it shows my download speed at 497.16 mbps which is about average. I have tried using 3 different browsers, Chrome, FireFox and Edge. This problem is unique to, every other site downloads as it should.

I have contacted the site and have had only the automated response. I cannot find a specific way to contact tech support directly.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

It just happened again. I tried to download a zip file that is 67.2 MB my speed test comes back at 476.23 mbps and says it will take 11 hours to download. It keeps saying I downloaded stuff, that I was unable to.

Hi Leslie! Sorry for the trouble! I've passed your message on.

@Leslie: I'm very sorry to hear about the painfully slow downloads. That doesn't sound fun at all! Please us send us a support request using our contact form, with details about your default web browser, your internet service provider, and your approximate physical location, and we'll do our best to try to get this resolved!