Random Images missing from the forums -

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Random Images missing from the forums -

For the last few weeks - after my PC was "refurbished" (with second hand but good replacements - CPU, graphics card, mother board, Power supply and RAM memory - I am still using my old Hard drive) I have been getting some images "missing" when I am in the forums. Sometimes the LOAD Image command works and sometimes it doesn't.

Most images are present, but not all the times, and they change as well. It is not always the same images. They randomly change. The links to the gallery pages all work fine. If any of my own images go missing from the forums, I end up having to "reload" from my gallery page which is annoying.

IS there some piece of software or hardware I am missing in my "newly rebuilt" PC?

I am using WIN 10, and an Asus GTX 750 Ti video card

I have no trouble accessing this DS and logging in.

I also have no trouble access or watching Youtube videos either.


Hello Robynne,

I think this kind of problem can be caused by the web browser.
To start with you can try another browser and see if the problems are still there or not.

I use Firefox and it is updated very regularly.

Even if a browser is updated regularly, there may be problems with caching, extensions or antivirus software.

Ok I guess I can try another browser..

Will let you know how it goes.

Update 20 minutes later

I have tried both Opera and Chrome browsers and these missing images in the forums are still missing!!

The links to the gallery pages work fine. The images do show up on their gallery pages. it is only the Forums where these image links are broken.

Have not tried the Edge browser - I really dont want to encourage any thing from Microsoft right now.

It should not be a big deal except that I do have to go to the gallery page to see the missing images.

Most of the images show up just fine in the forums but some threads have 1 missing image. and other threads have 2 or 3 images missing - it changes randomly...

Sometimes my own images are missing and sometimes the images are from other creators here.

I usually find that if my own images are missing, I end up having to reload them up to the forums - which is the annoying part.

I'm sorry to hear that and I hope someone else can help you.


I'll pass this on to Jordan to see what he thinks.

@Robynne can you post a cople of example links to forum posts where images are missing? Thanks!

Bourico, Linda and Tricia's images still dont show up for me. They dont show up in the June completed threads either.

Bina's image does not show up.

These are last months images and even though the threads are locked, the images are still missing.

So far no issues with any July images, but it is early days yet!! Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks Jordan.

Thanks Robynne! Those images are broken for me as well. I think the issue here is that the layouts were edited after they were linked, which broke the links to the original images.

I'll see if I can find a way to prevent this from happening...

Thanks Jordan. smiley

This is obviously not an urgent matter.

Its just slightly annoying... smiley

OK an update - I just lost one of my own images in the forums so I had to replace it, but yes I do recall editing that page in the gallery, after it was posted.

Linda now has 6 images missing in her Completed Thread. They were all fine the last time I looked, an hour or so ago.


Another one of my images was lost today - 29 July. I dont recall editing it - but I have replaced it in the forum and on the completed thread page.

In the meanwhile, there are several of Linda's Layouts that are "missing" although the links to their original gallery pages are fine.

You can see this on the July Completed thread - Linda's spot is the first spot.