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I've been toying with the idea of switching gears after I finish this adult urban fantasy I'm writing and working on some contemporary romance. I'd love any suggestions of great books to try in the genre, especially the humorous contemporary romance variety. I love Kristin Higgins and enjoy Victoria Dahl, but that's about all the experience I have with the genre. I've read a handful of others, but nothing else has stuck out in my mind so much that I had to buy everything the author's ever written.

For humorous romance, Jennifer Crusie is a favorite of mine and Janet Evanovich.

What is your favorite Cruise book? I'll pick one up and give it a try.

Hmm, I think either Welcome to Temptation or Tell Me Lies.

I agree, Crusie is great! I would recommend Bet Me or Agnes & the Hitman (which is actually co-written, but so so good!)

I´ve just finished reading Patricia Cornwells book about Kay Scarpetta "Port Mortuary". I´ve read all of her books and I like them. Now I´ve started a book from an author I´ve never heard of, Sebastian Fitzek. I can´t find the title in English but in it´s original language (german) it´s "Der Seelenbrecher". I´ve only read the first 30 pages and it´s quite nervwrecking already...

If you want to read a book that will make your world rock (and bring tears into your eyes) I warmly recommend
"Hannah's Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived" by Maria Housden. Has anyone here read that book? Good to read if your a mother, and especially if you work in healthcare - it gives you a lot to think about!

I´ve Just finished James Owen´s The search for the Red Dragon. It´s the second from a YA fantasy series called "Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica". The series is all about a mysterious book (this imaginarium geographica from the title), dragon-ships, and TONS of quotation from other fantasy stories (and some historical facts/characters too!), so I strongly recomend it, both for adults that love fantasy (to delight with the quotations and references) and to teens (who would probably want to read more about what´s been talking - I want to read the books quoted that I can identify and haven´t read too!). The second book isn´t as good as the first, but it´s ending make us wanting to read the next.

Just finished Shelley Adina's Lady of Devices and now have the other three and will be starting book 2, now. LOL It was rainy today and I opened the windows to listen to the rain while I curled up and read. smiley

I really admire those people who actually finish reading a book, I'm not a big fan of reading, It looks interesting but I never finish the first chapter lol >.<

The first chapter isn´t always the best in books.... You have to be patient and read 40-50 pages before you can tell if it´s a good book. At least that´s my experience.

Audiobooks. They are great radio alternatives.

smiley Amen to audiobooks!

Jennica, I agree on giving a book about 50 pages. I once had a teacher make the analogy that you'd give a movie a good 30 minutes to decide whether or not you like it. OK, unless it's just absolutely horrific or offensive, which you can know in 15 minutes! But by and large, that's the exception, not the rule. You'd give a movie about 30 minutes to "sell itself" to you and let you decide if you want to keep watching, and for books the equivalent is usually about 50 pages.

I hate not to finish. I can count on one hand the books I've not finished in my lifetime - however bad. I don't generally read many bad ones - the blurb on the back and a quick skim of the first page will usually let me know if I'll like it at least a little. I have joined a book club in my village this year though and I have read a string of unsatisfactory books chosen by others in the group (we each pick 1 in rotation) but I know I would not have chosen them in the first place.

This is weird, this is the second time today my previous post has disappeared!!
At the moment I am reading Mindfullness, Full Catastrophe Living. by Jon Kabat-zinn. I have just read Mindfulness for Beginners by the same author. I am doing a hospital course on pain management. I have had 3 sessions so far - I don't know if it will do any good, but I am giving it a try.

Nothing - and it makes me sad! Seems like life is taking up all my time and energy... I love science fiction, apocalyptic stuff and good writing. Any suggestions?

I just started The Thinking Woman's Guide to Real Magic. I'm not yet at the 50 page marker, so I don't know if the book will stick yet.

Angela: Is the book worth reading? I also live with chronic pain and are right now attending a hospital course on pain management too. What kind of problems do you have? Feel free not to answer if it feels to private to share. Anyhow I hope the course will help you, however small the help might be - every little thing counts when you´re living on the edge....!

Glenda, if you like YA then you might like The Uglies Series

I just finished Breakers. Great series! But do not read if you're offended by swearing, talk of sex, or violence. Glenda, you might like this series!
I'm reading the Complete Wizard of Oz Series to my kids (currently on book 2, the Marvelous Land of Oz).
On my Kindle I have The Last Olympian from the library, and The Cain Chronicles from the store.
Actual paper books (haha!) on my nightstand are a few by Clive Cussler, James Patterson, and Mary Higgins Clark

I've been on a horror kick lately.

Currently I'm working on a series by Steve Alten about a Megaladon Shark showing up in current times and wreaking havoc.


The Trench

Meg: Primal Waters

@Julie: The last Olympian is a good book - far better than the fourth in the series (I don´t remember the name in English now - maybe "The battle at the maze?") and it made me cry... I´ve read only till book 2 in Oz too, maybe I´ll try reading the next ones in 2014...

Does any of you have read The Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica (it´s a series) by James Owen? I liked the first, didn´t like the second that much, but, as I´ve read that the last book will be released and some friends of mine are reading/will read the last one when it´s released, I´ll maybe give the third volume a try in some days.

Ooooooh, and I finished the book club book today!

I wish I could read something! I used to be a prolific reader. I used to speed read my way through dozens of books a week ...I worked in a bookshop too, which helped smiley ...then, well, something not too good happened and I was reduced to reading nothing OUCH! I couldn't read 3 words in a row without forgetting what they were and having to start over! I gave up reading all together because it was so frustrating! Fast forward a couple years and I can prolly do a page now but its hard to concentrate on it and I forget most of it ugh. So all these short n sweet posts are helping me! ...THAT'S what I'm reading atm lol

Janae: does it work for you to listen to sound-books when someone else is Reading the book to you? In Sweden students with reading-difficulties can get a computerprogram which reads out text for them. The same system might be useful for other groups that have difficulties in Reading. I hope something can work out for you! It adds on to the depression if you loose activities that have been a great part of you´re former life.

I haven't tried that Jennica. I don't know if I can get such a programme here. It sounds great! I might look into it This site is helping me big time because I can handle reading the shorter posts, so thats great. I need the practice lol ...thanks for the info, I appreciate that smiley

I´ve just finished a book called Until death do us part by a swedish author. It´s about a female police officer solving a crime, and during the same time flee from an abusing husband. The book was a good mystery and an obnoxious story about physical abuse of women in their own homes. It upset me as well as thrilled me to read it to the bitter end.

I am re-reading James Rollins books - I'm working on The Devil Colony right now, then it will be Ice Limit. His books are really great, especially the ones that spotlight Sigma.

Just finished all three of the Graceling Realm books SO GOOD. SO GOOD.

I am reading The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie...its the first Flavia du Luce mystery, my book club read it 2 years ago but I didn't get a chance to read it then. I am also working my way through Don Quixote.

I am currently reading "Deception" by Jaimey Grant.

Now I'm reading Memoirs of a Suicide a spiritual book about what happened to the soul of Casimiro de Abreu, a Portuguese writer after his suicide