Nov 2013 BT Ideas

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Nov 2013 BT Ideas

As we've decided to do the blog train monthly, I'm here following my very official schedule to get your ideas for November! Since we're already doing Thankful in October, I feel like in November we should do something that's not seasonal. Perhaps a theme like travel, or lists (I love making lists), etc. Leave color ideas as well! I'll be posting the poll a week from today.

I suggest: Vintage

With the following color palette:

I like the idea of vintage, Lorien, but maybe with a less fall/autumn color scheme since there will be lots and lots of those generated by northern hemisphere designers in the next few months. How about something like this with maybe a couple of other muted colors added?[img][/img]

I Suggest this one: Traveling Hues..

I love the idea of vintage. And I love Samantha's palette.

How about some bold colors, with a fun theme!

Date Night!

@Hariiett: Do you believe I haven´t associated the palette I suggested with fall? I like the one you pointed out, although I´m not sure these colors would contrast with B/W photos, so there must be a more "toned" color to make everything pop...

@Samantha: Youre sure about this title? You can change the name of the palette... Travelling (or other theme) isn´t a better name?

I'm for a vintage and Samatha's palate as well!

thank you ladies, i will go with "Traveling" as the tittle, are you guys okay with that??

I love April's idea for "Date Night". Tho I would add another color like this kit I love from Jenn Labre.

@Cat: Well, I used the following palette for a kit called Heart Rock Song, that was about love and music:

The kit is this:

You can use this palette with date time blog train if you want, no jealousy smiley

I really like the vintage idea & I like this palette too ^_^

I don't have a new suggestion, but I made a mix of three palletes from Lórien, Harriet and Jiovanna: (I loved the three of them!)

What do you think? For vintage theme I guess...

I really like the colors Harriett posted for a vintage theme. I've been doing a lot of research on ancestry for the past couple of years and have gathered so much information and photos from my ancestors, having a vintage type kit would be perfect for these photos. I would probably add an additional color like a deep purple or burgandy ....something to make it pop.

LOVE this palette Cinthia!

@Cintia: I love the palette, that's a great combination of colors ^_^

I'm not very good with themes, but what about this palette?

I naturally navigate to cool colors. So this would be a challenge for me.

@cintia: you made such a wonderful job getting all three palettes together, and i guess we all are loving it :)

I love the palette Cintia!

I love the palette Cintia. Great for a Vintage theme.

Love what you did there Cintia!

I, too, like Cintia's combined palette (nice job, Cintia) and a vintage theme.

You have a good eye for color, Cintia. I like the combined palette you've made and still like Vintage for the theme, but also like the darker palettes of Lorien, April, and Catherine. So if we go with the vintage theme this time maybe we can do a Date night with a combination of those palettes for another month.

@Harriett - I could live with that, lol

@Hariett: Agreed smiley But now I´m most in the mood for the vintage with Cinthia palette...

I too, like Cintia's palette with a Vintage theme. I think that has a wide enough range of colors for everyone to gravitate to the ones they like smiley

Looks like we won't need a poll this month smiley My vote is in for vintage Cintia-style!

I love all the color palettes!!!! (what's that meme, where she says things like that? hilarious) anyway, please help me understand what a "vintage" theme would include? I'm a modern girl, so that would be a challenge for me smiley I like black/white/red too, but we did just do a mainly dark colors one for October, maybe light colors (mostly) would be nice, and do the darker for another month smiley

I really like this one too (it's not on her blog anymore so I grabbed the Pinterest image)

@Meg: wow, i love this palette, it's beautiful.. ♥

I know, right? too bad I can't find it online anymore, but at least could grab the image smiley


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