Sept 2022 GSH went missing

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Sept 2022 GSH went missing

Hi Marisa.

I logged on today to find the Sept 2022 GSH was up and running. So I copied the clues and off I went to search. I added the comments to my chosen layouts - only to discover that the Sept GSH forum is no longer there. I was denied access when I tried to post my list.

Now its says the summer layout madness - but that is last month (old news) and technically should now be locked out.

Also 2 others had already posted their choices for the GSH as well. One of them was Amarie. Cannot remember who the other person was.

When will we get the Sept GSH forum back?



Huh. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I'll see if Jordan can find it somewhere, otherwise I may have to make a new one. Thanks for pointing this out.

UM Marisa,

I still dont have any access

Maybe because it is called OCTOBER instead of SEPTEMBER?



Oopsie Daisy, Access Denied
Oops! It looks like you are perhaps not authorized to access this page? If you think this is an error please contact us and we'll get things sorted ASAP!

(Note that some site areas, like user contact forms, are off limits until you have 25+ community points.)

OK NOW its back. The Sept GSH I mean. I was finally able to post my List. Thanks Marisa.

Updated the link above. smiley