Does Anyone in Here Do Bible Journaling?

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Does Anyone in Here Do Bible Journaling?

I was in a different thread and saw that a fellow scrapbooker does Bible Journaling. If you do, would you care to share pages?

I'll go first...

by Debbie Cutshall, on Flickr
This was for Jonah and the Whale. I know a lot of people who do Bible journaling use real expensive pencils (Prisma) I prefer Prang. I do occasionally use Derwent watercolor pencils, but usually when I do watercolor I prefer just good old fashioned Crayola kits.

Okay, who's next?
You're it!

Looks so great! We have a Scripture LC here that welcomes any layouts including bible journaling pages.

To be honest i never heard of this.

I hope his is not in a real bible? How do this work? What u do?

Yes, it is a "real" Bible. I use my journaling Bible specifically for art. It's not my study Bible. The purpose is that the art you are working on is a meditation on that verse. Your art expression is your gift back to God. This is not sacrilegious.

Thanks for the link smiley


Hey Debbie. I did not implay that it would be sacrilegious.

I am just vere keen on books lol. Even when ther is just a rimple in it I want a new one.
I just asked because of the digital world all looks so real.

I think as long u dont heart people u can express anyway u like. smiley

I LOVE Bible journaling! I have 2 of them. I want to start digital bible journaling! smiley

I have never tried Bible journaling. I do take notes in the margins, and I underline. I think I'd want a separate Bible if I were going to try this. It intimidates me a little! My daughter has a journaling Bible with very wide margins, and she'll sometimes draw something along with her reflections.

I've been considering some sort of digital bible journaling, I'm getting into digital planning, so it seems like a good next step. But I haven't done anything about it yet smiley

That is a gorgeous page. I have done some Bible journaling, and definitely want to try with digital. I think I will select a verse and do a page for it. Ali x

So…I am intrigued…how would one digital bible journal? Do tell!

@Stephanie: I would theoretically do in in the Goodnotes app on my iPad. You can import PDFs and write on them. So you just need some sort of bible in PDF and then you're ready to start.