So what are everyone's favorite shows currently?

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So what do you say about House of the Dragon? smiley

Love Timeless! We haven't watched that on in quite a while!

I am pretty late to this party! (Years late!) Thought I'd jump in anyway.

My husband and I just discovered Monk! Love that show! As a family we are watching Heartland. We have not seen the latest 3 seasons yet. We don't have satellite or cable. We just use streaming services.

Other shows we've loved:
-Lark Rise to Candleford (on Amazon Prime)
-Chuck (also Amazon Prime)
-Leverage (You guessed it...Amazon Prime)
-Psych (Peacock)

Never saw House of Dragons!

Just like I've never seen any of the shows you mention, haha @Jan Gerardy.

HOTD is the sequel/prequel of Game of Thrones and HBO's new flagship I guess.

Oh! I've never watched Game of Thrones either. Right now I am sitting with 2 cats and my daughter. We just painted our nails, and we are watching the movie Despicable Me 2. smiley

smiley Fun one, 3 is good too.

It was fun reading this thread from the beginning, seeing the shows that were popular 6 years ago smiley
My favorites:
Resident Alien
What We Do In The Shadows
The Great
we also watch most of the crime dramas- NCIS-es, Unforgotten, etc

We used to watch NCIS and NCIS New Orleans, but we haven't in a long time. Now we are watching Monk on Amazon Prime. I never watched it when it was current!

Nothing wrong with Despicable Me!!!!

Definitely love Gibbs on NCIS!!!! My mom & I are avid fans of Gibbs!

I have to admit I've watch all seasons of Grey's Anatomy repeatedly too!!! I'm an avid crochet gal so that would play while I hooked on a blanket!!! Or beanie!!! Lol smiley 😆

Gibbs is the best for sure!

I can only make granny squares or crochet in straight rows. And in order to do that I need a refresher on how-to before I can start. smiley

We just started the Rings of Power. We'll see if I make it to the end! smiley

Marisa, hubby and I aren't sure if we are going to start that or not. A lot of die-hard LOTR fans seem to dislike it. We watched the movies but if this strays from canon, I will never know the difference. LOL
Would you recommend it overall?

Jan-- Same here, I can crochet as long as it doesn't have to look like anything :p

My family tells me I am stuck in the eighties and the nineties…I think they might be right…I am binge watching ER cause I never watched it when it was actually on! I am excited too..the new season of Survivor starts tomorrow!

@Chris: I have watched two episodes. I have very little knowledge of the Lord of the Rings, so I can't judge it from that standpoint. It has a little more drama than I like, but I like no drama, so again, my opinion is a special one smiley I will watch more, but likely while doing some scrapbooking to distract from the tense moments.

You might like Poldark- it is on Amazon prime. It's almost "relaxing" to watch after seeing so many crime dramas or Walking Dead-type shows.
Poldark isn't bad to look at either smiley

My husband and I just binged-watched 'White Lotus'. We both really enjoyed it.

We watched a show called Larkrise to Candleford that we really liked. It was on Amazon. I read the book last summer, which was not much like the series!

i am NOT ready for the end of New Amsterdam. i'm holding off on the series finale cuz i just cannot. smiley

other things i'm actively watching: Brittannia (Prime), Law and Order SVU/OC (not caught up yet), La Brea (may give up)

things I need to stop procrastinating on: the final season of The Expanse

must-start/try-soon list: LOTR: The Rings of Power, Carnival Row, The End Is Nye

I'm finally finishing up The Walking Dead. I stopped watching at the beginning of season 9, but now that it's ended, I decided to binge all 11 seasons.

One new show that's worth mentioning is Wednesday on Netflix. That was brilliantly crafted. I didn't care for one of the characters merely because the actor was horrible. Jenna Ortega, though, is spot on and nailed her performance. I must mention, if you haven't seen it, is that it isn't meant for younger kids--cuss words and the middle finger are in it, along with its creepy nature.

Another new show is Criminal Minds: Evolution. Most of the same characters; Reid didn't return. The show hasn't lost its flare at all. Plus, the actors all look normal, meaning they haven't been Hollywood-ized to look young.

I've tried watching La Brea and the new Quantum Leap, but neither kept my interest for very long. Between some bad acting, bad writing, and useless characters, I opted out. Quantum Leap would've been great if it were just the characters of Ben Song and either Jenn Chu or Herbert Williams as the new Ziggy.

I've been a huge LOTR fan since 1978. Amazon's Rings of Power completely ignores the source material, as well as turns Galadriel into something she never was. The acting is great, the special effects are great, but the writing and story don't belong alongside Tolkien's legacy. To me, it's on-screen fan-fiction.

In a total switch from what Christina is recommending, we're watching the Makanai on Netflix. Nothing happens, but it's a relaxing look at the lives of current Geisha in Japan.

I'm binge watching ER. When I was working as a CNA the show always came on when I was scheduled to work. Now that I'm retired I can finally sit and watch all the shows I missed.

an oldie but a goodie - FRIENDS! LOL! I actually made my 2020 family scrapbook friends themed with meme pictures, quotes, etc. I was surprised how many I was able to relate!

i finally watched the finale of New Amsterdam. broke my heart arg LOL. i will miss this show so much.

now i need to get back to Brittannia (Prime) because once i finish with that I can try Rings of Power.

and then there's catching up on SVU again...

I've never watched New Amsterdam or Britannia. I'm really not into medical shows. I do want to watch Britannia, though, but I've been watching Homecoming on Amazon. I've also been rewatching Frasier in light of the new show premiering later this year on Paramount+. I forgot how funny that show is!

It's not Frasier, but Jordan and I have been watching Seinfeld which is also still quite funny. I was too young to watch it when it was on. I may see if we can watch Frasier after we finish Seinfeld.

An enjoyable part of Seinfeld was how many of the plot points are obsolete now with cell phones. A lot of reliance on pay phones, which I cannot imagine smiley