Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 1 - Pick a Palette)

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Lisel, I send you and your family lots of courage. smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

I was getting ready to create my first kit and this challenge seems like the perfect opportunity.

I had chosen this palette with a "fall by the water/first frost" theme, Name "Lac Saint-Point" (This is the place where this picture was taken, the coldest region of France and my native region).

Since I have the time, it could also be a challenge to play with your Annette Marie palette.

Oh man, that’s just awful Lisel. I can’t imagine how much of a shock this diagnosis must be and how scary thinking of the future. I will certainly be thinking of you and your family and wishing you peace.

Thank you Annette Marie for this kit building project. Such a fun idea and great approach to have a daily challenge!

I have just seen the challenge but am keen to join and catch up.

My colour scheme is black and white and my kit theme is Christmas.

All my paper and card designs will be black and white only so they can be foiled for hybrid scrapping. I might also include foiled digital versions. At least that’s my idea so far - subject to change 😄



Annette Marie, I forgot to tell you that I modified your palette to 8 colors, and am using that as my palette.
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley

Thank you so very much smiley

I'm late to the party! smiley I've just returned from a long absence, but I'm going to play catch up with this.

I normally use Paintshop Pro with a slice of Photoshop. This is my first time even making a swatch and ACO file in PS. lol Unsure if it actually worked. Could someone, please, try it and let me know if I did it right? Thanks! ACO

I'm already doing a fall kit for next month's blog train, so I instead decided since it's spring in the southern hemisphere to do a spring-themed kit.

Hi, Christina! WELCOME! So happy you are joining us and nothing wrong with being fashionably late. There is no end date for this challenge, so you don't have that to worry about. Just dive in and start creating and having fun.

Your ACO absolutely worked. I snagged it, double-clicked it and all your gorgeous colors are in a file in my Swatch Panel. YAY! Excellent work, my new friend. And those colors are so, so pretty. Perfect for Spring. They remind me of delicious fruit. YUM! (Now that they are all handy in my swatches, I might have to have a little play with them for something, too.)

Again, I am thrilled you want to join in and I will be very anxious to see your Spring Kit using that fantastic selection of colors! smiley

Rachel . . . I am late replying to this and I apologize for that. Trying to keep up with comments, but I am old and slow--LOL! Welcome to the "Make-A-Kit" Challenge, my new friend. I am so happy you want to play and your black & white scheme sounds super interesting. I love the starkness of black and white elements, but I've never tried to put a whole kit together with just those two colors. I think it will be fabulous. Nothing more striking than black against white and the digital foiling sounds shiny and pretty and something I need to see! There is no end date for this, so don't worry about that. Dive in and start creating and I will be very anxious to see what you create! smiley

And you are welcome for the challenge, of course. I am having the best time with it and it wouldn't be any fun at all if nice people like you didn't want to show up and use the prompts! So thank you, for that!

Whittling down the color choices is a perfectly fine idea, Lisel. I think Chitra halved it for her contributions to the collab. It will work wonderfully!

PS: I love your new profile picture. So sweet! smiley smiley smiley

Fibul . . . that picture is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the colors you've pulled out of it to use for your "Lac Saint Point" kit. I am tickled you are joining us for your first foray into putting a kit together. I know it can be a little scary the first time, a little intimidating even, but you are surrounded by friends who can encourage and applaud and support. Any questions you have, please don't hesitate to ask . . . I might not get right to you, but someone else usually knows the answer and can help more promptly. This is a group effort and I am so, so happy to have you as part of the group. The things you've shared so far have been very appealing and well-done. I know you can do this! smiley

I love that you want to play with the HO HO HOly Night colors too. Please do. Plenty of time to make two kits since there is no formal ending date for this. We are going to have the most beautiful Christmas Collab EVER, especially with talented designers like YOU joining in and contributing. So nice to meet you and I can't wait to see more of your fantastic creations! smiley

I might have "YAY"ed outloud when I first read this, Robyn! smiley (Sorry I am just now getting you replied to, but I have been distracted by daily prompts and all.) I am so tickled you are making the time to join us and I know our HO HO HOly Night Collab probably just doubled, at least, because of it. THAT is a super good thing and I couldn't be happier you want to join us for that. Gonna be AWESOME! You are more-then-welcome to keep your portion CU and share it at your blog. Whatever works for you, works for all of us. You better post a link to it when you are done! smiley I WANT IT! LOL! Love how you run your blog, Robyn. So friendly and generous of you. It is definitely okay. It's your work and you are free to do with it exactly what you want, of course, and that is THAT! I have loved everything you've shared so far and I am vibrating in my chair with anticipation of what else you will come up with. You are so talented, my friend! smiley

And THANK YOU for all the cool links to resources you have shared as well. Each and everyone of them has been a gift. I can't wait to try out the textures and the grids for pattern-making and that awesome seamless tutorial you sleuthed out and share a link to. Just can't thank you enough for contributing like that. It is making this endeavor just that much more fun for me! Love new toys to play with and I love learning new things. So thank you! smiley

Candee, you took Photoshop in college? I am so jealous. I took stupid stuff like Psychology and Economics--in retrospect all that was worthless tripe compared to learning PS! smiley If you can jump in and help me out on those Scraptorials, please do. I love learning new tricks and since I am self-taught, there is a lot I am sure I don't know . . . yet.

I didn't want to pay for a subscription either, but Adobe forced my hand. My beloved CS2 just refused to work one day and I could not find my discs, so I "had" to get a subscription and I grumbled and fussed, but I really like having updates and a lot of handy features my old version didn't have. The Photographer's subscription is $9.99 a month and it rankles a bit to pay that, but I have certainly spent ten bucks much more foolishly and gotten way less fun out of whatever, so yeah--said I would never subscribe, but here I am!

You are so very welcome, Candee. I am having a blast doing the Scraptorials for this and learning new things myself along the way so it is Win/WIN! So nice to meet you and so happy you decided to join us! FUN!

Hi, Tiffany. Thanks so much for stopping by and it is a treat to meet you. I apologize for being late replying to you . . . I have been running around like a crazy woman the past couple weeks and not getting much accomplished except running around! smiley No worries about being too busy to play with us this round. I totally understand and that is one reason I made the challenge without a formal ending date. I figured people could dip in and play with the daily prompts whenever they have time in the future. I said earlier that I was already picturing this being a more-than-one-time thing and you are absolutely correct about January being the perfect time of year to do something like this. I am always a bit lost when the bustle of Christmas and New Year's is over and here in Nebraska, I am definitely stuck in the house and usually bored half out of mind and wanting to hibernate until Spring, so YES--let's do this again during one of those long, cold, boring months like January! I will be looking for you to show up and play with us then for sure! Thanks again for saying "hey" and sharing your excellent idea about a better time to do something like this! I appreciate it!

Candee, I want this set of colors in an eyeshadow palette and a set of frosty, glittery nail polishes! So pretty! And I am thrilled to the tips of my fun-name-loving toes that you did the BONUS and gave them all such neat descriptive names. That is just so FUN! PerTWINKLE! Absolutely brilliant. I don't know what you do in real life, but if it ever doesn't work out, I think you could get a job naming colors for the cosmetic industry! smiley This palette is awesome, your names are awesome, the theme is awesome, and YOU are AWESOME! Thanks for making me smile with delight! smiley

Oh I am late to the party but I may just give this a try!

Lisel I have been absent from this site for awhile and am so very sorry to come back to such sad news.

Fibul that is just a gorgeous palette and inspiration picture!

Thanks so much for the warm welcome, Annette Marie! Now that I'm not watching my granddaughter anymore during the day, I have plenty of free time again. I'll catch up over the weekend no problem. smiley

Okay, glad it worked! Yeah, I'm really liking the colors I chose--definitely happy with them. In fact, I was actually thinking about fruit when I chose them. However, I did a Fruitopia kit already, which is in the commons, so no fruit this time!

I made a hashtag for commons since it might be difficult to find everyone's pieces #HoHoHolyNightCollab

Thank you, Jill.
We have awesome support IRL and also here, I can't thank people enough for the support they are giving me, and have given me. smiley

I was going through some of my stash a couple weeks ago, ran across the file I have of YOUR stuff, and I thought "I wonder if she'll be designing here again" and I'm so happy to see you are here again!

So good to see you here! smiley

Thank you, Annette!

Something I want to say, something that I feel deeply:

You really are so encouraging, and thoughtful, and caring, and welcoming, and you wrap your digital arms around every person you meet!
I treasure that, I truly do.

Thank you for being you.

smiley smiley smiley

Annette & @Lisel ...echo Lisel's words 100%! smiley smiley smiley

"We have awesome support IRL and also here" very good to hear Lisel!!!

This took me WAY too long but here is my palette. I wanted to do a Rosh Hashanah kit, so apples and honey. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your green color Christina. It's funny, because I also had an orange when I first started and my palette was originally very similar to yours. I changed the orange to yellow because I needed a color for honey.

Thanks for the welcome and kind reply. I look forward to spending some of my chilly Idaho winter with you in the next round.

I am actually look forward to January/February (not sure which I will manage to do this again) now and I didn't think that was even possible, Tiffany! smiley

Hi, Jill! No worries about being late. No end date to worry about completing this challenge by, and if you have designed before and want to catch-up, I am sure you will be able to do just that. Make as little (or as much) as you want for each prompt if that helps. I am so happy you are joining us and I will be very excited to see whatever you create. WELCOME! smiley

Oooooh, I love your palette, Jill. Those colors are so pretty together. Rosh Hashanah isn't a theme I am familiar with, but "apples and honey?" I'm in! Sounds like a lot of fun and I am gonna go do some Googling 'cause now you have me very curious to know more. And thanks so much for playing along and giving all your colors, fun names. I do so appreciate that. Lovely palette, interesting theme and I am anticipating some really delightful creations from you, Jill. Thanks again for joining us. I love meeting new like-minded people and look forward to getting to know you a bit better. smiley

Bless your kind, generous heart, Lisel. You know I am screen-capping this for my happiness folder. And you might have made me sniffly in a very happy way. Just thank you. This is food for my soul and I am always hungry. Now I am replete!

You all are such bright spots of sunshine in my life. It is just natural to want to encourage and praise you for your efforts. I am feeling mighty lucky to be a part of this group. Lucky and blessed by you and your friendship as well, Lisel. Thank you. Just thank you. smiley smiley smiley

Chitra . . . thank you. Y'all have made me cry and there is just nothing like a "I am so full up to the brim of good feelings that some of them have to drip down my cheeks" moment. You all make me want to aim just a tiny bit higher in my efforts, and that is such a gift. Thank you. smiley smiley smiley

Brilliant idea, Tricia! Thank you so much for thinking of that and making it happen. That will keep all our contributions together and make it so easy for scrappers to get their hands on this amazing, HUGE collaboration! This is why I love you! You have the best ideas! smiley And you are always looking out for us.