Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 11 - Annnnnnd ACTIONs!)

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Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 11 - Annnnnnd ACTIONs!)

Happy Fri-YAY, my scrappy friends! smiley

If you aren't already familiar with Rita's "The Coffee Shop Blog," have I got a treat for you! She makes the most amazing templates, lightroom presets, tutorials (especially for enhancing your photos), digital scrapbook goodies, and actions. Hundreds of resources and they are all free and they are all CU-friendly!

I've downloaded a ton of her stuff, but the one thing I want to talk about specifically today is a clever little action (for PS and PSE) that makes the coolest woven texture in whatever color you choose and with just a couple clicks. I used it to make the background for today's header. Isn't that neat? I just love it and I want to share it with you today, and perhaps introduce you to actions if you haven't used them before.

Here is where you can snag the action. I couldn't get the direct link to work by clicking on it, but I found a work around. Right-click > copy link address > open a new tab > paste the address in the tool bar and hit "enter." I was able to get the goodies that way! The zip includes the action, instructions for loading it into PS and PSE, a tutorial on how to use the action, and a selection of pre-made JPGs she made with the action. (If you can't use actions, please feel free to re-color any one of those to match your kit. Desaturate and add a color overlay, or whatever your favorite re-coloring process is.)

Day 11's Challenge: I would like you to try this action, if you are able to use actions and make some papers to match your kit's palette. If you are using the HO HO HOly Night palette, please take it one step further and add something to your plain woven papers or there will be a lot of kits with the same set of papers in them, and that isn't as much fun. smiley Another option would be to make the woven papers and clip them to elements or word art or to patterns on papers, alphas, borders and/or whatever else you can dream up to do with them! Lots of options and please give the action a go if you can.

I will mention that the action produces a paper that isn't 3600 by 3600 so you will need to go to Image > Image size and increase it and then crop it down to the correct proportions. It just takes a minute. Please ask any questions you might have and I will explain better, if I can and I can't wait to see your woven fabric creations!

smiley Saturday and Sunday will be "ketchup" days again, and then next week we will be playing "Make-A-Kit BINGO!" smiley I think it will be an absolute BLAST and serve to get some things done for your kit that don't necessarily need a whole day and a Scraptorial to accomplish. smiley

Here is what I came up with for additions to the woven paper action in the HO HO HOly Night palette colors. (Each thumbnail links to a much bigger version so you can get a better look.) Perhaps you can get some ideas or be inspired to come up with even COOLER ways to augment the basic woven paper the action produces.

LOVE the candy cane paper...and the green with glitter...and the snowflake...and the red pattern...and hearts...OK, your papers are wonderful and I keep noticing more to love! Thanks for sharing the action. smiley

I just love the woven texture the action makes and it is so easy. I had to share it! Thanks so much for the kind, encouraging words, Tricia. I do so appreciate them! smiley I actually started this kit back in 2013, so don't ask me how I made some of those papers or what resources I used--long forgotten--but I did include links to the full-size papers if you want a better look to figure it out for yourself. You are clever like that. Maybe YOU can tell ME how I did it! LOL

Love your papers.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you for saying so, Gail. I am stoked I finally got a second prompt done. LOL I am gonna need to do some serious "ketchup" this weekend.

Woven...mostly elements & one striped paper:

And I am going to have to create less for the rest of the month or I will never have it uploaded in time for Christmas!

And not much creativity for Desert since I am still working on the alpha...same stuff in the different colors:

Ok, so maybe two kits for this scraptorial was NOT a good idea...tooooo much stuff!!!

LOL figuring out your designs is SO not happening!! smiley It is difficult enough to figure out what I did a week ago and I know I used resources from my stash! smiley

Oh, WOW! I am making greedy little "gimme" paws with my hands! So many cool things you have created. I WANT THEM ALL and I want them right now! LOL The woven elements are delightful, Tricia. The wee little ornaments are so stinkin' cute and the multi-colored tree shows off the palette spectrum to perfection, but that stripey sock OWNS me! I am obsessed! Just darling. Excellent additions to the HO HO HOly Night goodies you have created so far. I don't want you to slow down, but I hear you on getting it all uploaded to share. We need minions, I say. Little uploading minions who looooooooooooooove to upload (and QC) and they never get tired of it and they never run out of upload slots and they work for COOKIES! smiley

At this stage of the game, it probably just isn't happening . . . especially if you won't do it for me. smiley I know everything is CU and I am just gonna have to assume I didn't need to attribute any of it specifically. Finding any of it again in my hoard would take months. I am just gonna hang my head, admit defeat and promise to do a better job of keeping track in the future. It will be fine. Everything is fine. smiley

smiley smiley Fine for sure. I might be willing to work for cookies doing "something," but that something wouldn't include QC, writing attributes, or uploading smiley lol


A HoHoHoly Night - Stocking for you to hang while you wait (impatiently) for the rest of your Christmas goodies. LOL!

AND, I made a hashtag for commons since it might be difficult to find everyone's pieces #HoHoHolyNightCollab

Oh, Annette, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE these papers of yours.
Seriously, I'm drooling.
Oh, maybe that was TMI??

Actually, Tricia, why not start a "freebie" thread for yourself, and post it there, like Christina is going to do with her kit?
That way you don't have to load allllllllllllllll the pieces one by one.

OH, uh, Tricia?!? Sheesh! You think you made enough yet?!? Wow.......yeah, maybe don't try to do it in the commons, just put it in a zip file here and send people here to get it, maybe? Cuz that's a loooooooooooooooooooot.................

smiley smiley LOL!

I wasn't able to access the Fabric Maker action at all individually, so I 'bit the bullet' and did something that I've been thinking about for quite a while: I purchased the Coffee Shop Mega Pack! When I went to install the Fabric Maker action, for my version of PSE, you install all the actions as a single pack, so I now have all of Rita's actions to play with. (The mega pack also includes exclusive actions not available as free downloads, plus clipart, digital papers, textures, storyboards and frames. So there is a lot to explore.)

I decided to save the results of the action as a texture, because I wanted to use it to make gradient papers, rather than solids. I also added a couple of my own textures, to vary the look. They are:

DTD_TX017_Grunge_07_Soft_CU, and

Anyway, here is the kit:

PK16 Textured Gradient Papers 01 Fabric

Annette, your papers are SO pretty!! smiley

Tricia, your bundles are coming along beautifully! There are so many cute items there smiley

Love these papers Robyn.

Thank you so much, Gail! Iโ€™m so happy that you like them!

Annette: Your papers are absolutely stunning! Love each and every one! Can't wait to scrap with them and your kit!

Tricia: That tree is the bestest! Adorable!

Robyn: You made me look at the "download everything" link on The CoffeeShop Blog. I might have to get that myself. smiley

I only made papers today, but I'll probably make some elements with this action at some point, as I've only made 10 so far. I spent a lot of time on the flower papers today using brushes, blending modes, and everything else under the sun. I'm tired. lol

The Blended flower papers are gorgeous Christina. And that bird is just so cute!๐Ÿ˜

MY VERY OWN STRIPEY SOCK! You are too good to me, Tricia. Snagged and loved! smiley Thank you, friend! You're the BEST! And thanks for making that hashtag for us. That will come in so handy when we start flooding the Commons with our super-duper collab! Excellent idea! (This supports my notion that you would make the best President for our Hoarders club--just sayin'!) smiley

Oh, thank you, Lisel! I do so appreciate your kind words about my papers. Not TMI, at all! I LOVE IT! That is the best part about scrapping digitally . . . no drool marks to clean off your supplies! Keyboard? Yes. Digital papers. No. Thanks for the giggle. I needed it. smiley

So sorry you couldn't get the action to download, Robyn. I had trouble with it, too and I was going to put the direct link in my forum post but Rita asks explicitly that you don't do that. I am sure she gets some sort of revenue from people accessing her blog links so I hated to thwart that. However, you took the plunge and got all the goodies, which is so COOL! I just looked at the deal--it's even on sale right now--and a huge bargain at $39! Like Christina just said, I think I might have to copy you and snag it, too. Such a good deal for all her stuff. She makes such quality items. I've never been disappointed in anything I have downloaded from her in the past. And I love to support people who are so generous in sharing their talents. Thanks so much for pointing it out to all of us!

GAH--your woven papers are phenomenal! I just love that texture anyway and adding gradients and additional textures just ups the "WOW" factor so much. You have the best ideas! I am taking notes and hoping I remember to copy you at some point in the future! smiley This collection of woven papers is going to be so fun to use. Once again, most anxious to get my hands on them! Really excellent work, Robyn! LOVE 'EM!

Thank you so much for saying so, Robyn. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you since you create such beautiful things yourself. I am basking and beaming so hard my cheeks hurt. smiley

Christina, such a beautiful variety of papers. No wonder it took you all day and exhausted you. I hear ya! I love making papers, but there are just so many possibilities that I can spend hours and hours trying stuff out before I finally decide on a treatment. I can't even begin to pick a favorite. Too many gorgeous choices. The whole collection is so appealing and I love this little bright pop of "Spring" when you share your creations. Such fun, fresh colors and they really do make me think of green grass and blooming flowers and sunny days just made for capris and T's and sandals. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . . . thank you for that happy thought and thank you for sharing your lovely collection of "Spring Bling Papers." I adore them! And that name is perfect for your kit!

Looking forward to your elements! I just know they will be fabulous! smiley

And bless your generous heart for saying you like my papers. I do so appreciate that, my friend.

Thank you so very much, Tricia! smiley

Thank you kindly, Annette, for the lovely words! I love making papers, the point I could do them all day. Well, I could make anything all day once I get in the zone. lol Plus I binge watch shows (currently rewatching Law & Order: SVU) at the same time, so the day ends up flying by and before I know it, it's time for dinner and a movie. I, personally, love the colder weather, but I enjoy working with spring and summer colors--they're funky and fun.

Trust me, those papers you made are simply gorgeous! smiley smiley smiley

Oh wow, what an amazing show this is, love it all. smiley Thank you so much for putting this on, Annette Marie.
All of the designs are very beautiful @Annette Marie: the papers are wonderful and so glitzy Christmas I love that, @Christina Carrano: Love the sunshine and the fabulous mix, you make some bad ass papers, I tried to come up with sets that are not so mixy matchy and it is a bit of a think... @Robyn Denton: I always marvel at all you create, Robyn, I never saw a single piece I didn't love @Tricia Pktkj: Santa will be embarrassed and so wanting to go home when he sees your kit. My word, this is the spirit of Christmas. AMAZING so generous and beautiful. @Chitra David. So beautiful, these look rad, so elegant @Fibul Adeline: Gorgeous textured papers, so beautiful @Becky Wooler such a great texture and idea, love both packs. @Lisel Rice: Love the thread count threadbare effect, awesome papers @Jill Morgenstern: So beautiful! @Rachel Lotherington: Absolutely great and I think each paper pack is better with palette cleansers especially when they look so great @Kimberly Schlehahn: Such a great paper pack, looks soft and lovely.

I made a little stripes pack and ran into an action folder that I put all the actions in that I never use, they take too much time to Anyways, I was going to write an action that would make a standard pattern set (stripes, polkas, zick zack etc) in a particular color swatch.... and I think I might be getting there and here is the first batch.
I run actions in PSE12 so I could only use commands in PS22 that PSE12 would be able to get... on a rainy day when I should be cleaning the garage..... The fox, it is here.

Oh....Bina.....that fox is so CUTE!!!!