Scraptorial - Make-A-Kit Extravaganza (Day 11 - Annnnnnd ACTIONs!)

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Wow Bina!! Thanks for the great papers and adorable fox. Loving how you did your texture on the stripes, so soft and probably printable.

Thank you very much, Bina! I appreciate that a lot! With papers, I always do the basics first (solids, dots, stripes), then come up with other patterns that fit the theme of the kit. After that, I try to come up with more unique papers, such as the flowered ones above. The latter is all trial and error and trying different things that might look good. Love your stripes! The texture is perfect on them. And that fox...oh, so cuddly and cute! Thank you!

I already used an action when I made some of the papers as well as the alpha. Here's the alpha again:

Super cute alpha Kimberly. I like the shine and sparkle!!

Love that style! It definitely goes with the festive theme!

I love your JOY paper Annette Marie!

I’ve added the fabric texture to another marbled paper created in Procreate.

That texture goes very well with the marble, Rachel.

smiley TY, so happy you like it. @Tricia Ptktj @Lisel Rice: I was hoping you might like the fox smiley @Christina Carrano.

These papers from all of you are so pretty!

I need to start making some embellishments, so I used the action and a recycled frame from one of my blog train kits a few months ago to make a set of frames.

@Robyn Denton: I always marvel at all you create, Robyn, I never saw a single piece I didn't love

Oh, wow, Bina! I actually teared up when I read your comment! What a beautiful thing to say! Thank you so very much! To think that someone who creates such beautiful things can say that about my designs...

Stitching on frames is a nice added touch! I like them!

Busy going through all these challenges again, and I see that I never uploaded my textured paper. I was having such fun playing with cu overlays, filters and actions that I have made a lot of papers. Here is a few of them.



Sweet! More goodies for your bundle! I've been downloading them as you upload.

Thanks Christina. It makes me feel good.

I modified another action for these memory keeping sticker sheets.