PS Nov 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

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PS Nov 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

I know we usually vote, but everyone seemed kind of in agreement already, so I went with it. Plus now you get the palette a week early. I used Cintia's palette and added a bright pop from Meg's, so I think everyone will be happy.

The theme is "Vintage." The blog train will go live on Nov 1, see here for more instructions.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

I Love the palette, I can't wait to create my portion! ^_^

it is a wonderful palette Marisa! I can't wait to start! smiley


Beautiful palette and love the theme!! Can't wait to get started. Looking for my thinking cap...

I know it is a little quick, but inspiration hit me. This of course will not be all that I put in for the blog train, but this is what I had completely finished and ready for a preview.

If anyone wants to use any of these to make their portion, send me a personal message here and I'll get you the files.

beautiful palette, few more colors to work on, so exciting can't wait to start my portion ^_^

You are so fast, April! smiley I love it!

I love polka-dots! They are so dang cheerful (and very vintage), and April, your collection of dotted papers really gets me further inspired to use this pretty, pretty palette.

Excellent choice for next month and I am starting to think "Vintage."

Super fun colors!!! Can't wait to get my "vintage" on!

Love these polka dots! Isn't this the greatest palette? One of my mother's favorite dresses was red with big white polka dots all over it!! I don't know how many pictures we have of her in that dress! I'll have to find one and use it to make a vintage layout. This is perfect for that.

Such a pretty palette and theme! Love the papers April. smiley

I am going crazy with this theme.. I already have poodles (From a poodle skirt), tons of brads, some tags... I may end up having to make a full kit for this one.

Love palettes with so many colors! And April your polka dot papers are beautiful!

Ooh, this palette and theme are right up my alley! smiley

Lovely! I need to get busy scanning more of my family photos now. smiley

I made a checkered paper pack as well and edited my first preview post with the pic. If anyone wants to use either of these to make elements (tags, journal cards, etc) feel free to message me and I'll send it to you. I've also made an Alpha using the black and white checkered paper.

Beautiful palette. Hopefully I'll get to play for November.

Okay. I hope this is enough for my contribution. I hope everyone likes it too (fingers crossed)

and I put my blog down here right?!
Kiana Fitzpatrick Designs Blog

@April: I smiley all your papers, they are really cute! ^_^

Kiana, I love the soft romantic feel of your pieces! Whatever you do is enough...don't worry about that.

And April, you sound like me! I can't just make a few pieces. Once I get started I don't know where to stop. The checkered and polka dot papers are great. Poodles? I had a poodle skirt [yep, I'm that old! LOL] One of my favorite times - the fifties. To me it's not vintage - just memories. smiley So I plan to dig out some old photos and scrap a book for my sisters with your part of the train. They'll love it.

For me, I have to do something with a more heritage feel to go along with the really old photos I have of gg grandparents and beyond. Now I need to get started on it before time runs out.

@Jiovanna Thanks!!

@Linda I'm glad you like it! I have always been in love with the style of the 50's smiley

Here's a thought. If there are so many people wanting to join the train every month, why not have two different color palettes and let everyone choose one or the other? Have two different trains going in the same month. That way, people who download won't have so much of the same color palette.

Not sure if I typed this to where it makes sense. In my head....all looks and sounds logical! HA

holy cow, I love it! smiley and you people are FAST!!! Just got back from super rainy Portland, and was a little late posting my October contribution... oops! smiley

So, someone talk to me about vintage ideas - I'm gonna need help if I'm gonna dive in for this one smiley

Yay! I will try to do this one.....

@Linda - thanks so much!!!

@Meg- I tried to go with vintage patterns, like damask for my papers. The Pinterest board for inspiration has some other ideas.

Great color palette.
Beautiful papers April and a lovely mini Kiana.

Wow!!! the colors are great!!!

lookin' good ladies! smiley

I have a question,

I myself love lots of elements in a kit, complete kits or blogtrains.
when I make my part of the blogtrain, I usually make a complete kit, with about 50 elements and a few papers,
is that a problem, is that to much of elements for the blogtrain here?
Hugs, Jessica