Ideas for 2023 Blog Train Color Palettes

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Ideas for 2023 Blog Train Color Palettes

Share your ideas for color palettes for 2023 below. I’m looking for options for several months. Also, is there any interest in a blog train with a theme like templates, alphas, etc instead of a color palette?

I'm game for any type of blog train! I do enjoy making element and paper templates though.

I had some time to waste before my nightly Star Trek viewing, so I came up with 4 palettes:

Yes, I want to do a St. Patrick's Day kit. lol

Oooooo another Trekkie!!!!! smiley

Not for any specific month, I just like the palettes for whenever.

(Ok, I lied, I would LOVE the above strawberry one for Christmas!)

As far as other themes for blog trains: It might be fun occasionally to have a random blog train with a random theme----like and obscure holiday, or a specific item (like you mentioned templates, or even things like tea, or shoes, or fashion accessories, or telephones, or something else you could think of), and even maybe not on the first like the regular blog trains but halfway through the month or something.

Lisel: Now I love you even more! LOL I watch them in order that they aired on TV (3-4 episodes per night). I'm currently on Voyager season 5.

Ooo, I like the purple palette. The 3rd one is great for autumn. Agree that the strawberry one would make a great start for a Christmas palette--it's what I automatically thought of before I read your tidbit. The last 3 are good for summer, I think.

Love all your colors, @Lisel Rice and @Christina Carrano! smiley
@Marisa Lerin: Do you mean like additional trains or change the existing one? smiley

I was thinking the regular blog train, if anyone was interested in doing something a little different occasionally.

Oh sure, sounds great! Just say the word smiley

I love the idea of doing a blog train with templates, alphas, and designer resources as a theme instead of a color palette.

Bina: Number 1 is my favorite. I like the darker colors you added.

Annette: Number 2 for you. Again, it's the dark colors.

Hehehehe! I haven't seen all the series, but I really like Next Gen and Voyager. I don't think I've seen all of Voyager, but what I've seen I really like.

P.S. Christina, I really like that March palette of yours, especially the last two colors!

Bina, I like your sixth swatch a lot! (By the way, I LOVE your profile pic-----so awesome to see your beautiful face!)

Annette, I really like your last swatch, so earthy.

Marisa, would the blog train be more of a CU type train?

Lisel: Voyager is my favorite, however Deep Space 9 is excellent with ongoing plots.

After working with the Bone-A-Fied kit palette, I've decided it's time to start playing with darker colors more often. Also, I agree with Annette's earth tone palette. Definitely a nice one!

I was wondering the same about a template blog train... If it was going to be CU or not.