Alpha Letters no longer available

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Alpha Letters no longer available

Has there been some policy change that I missed?

I have noticed in the last few weeks, whenever there are Alpha's available the individual letters (or numbers or other punctuations) are no longer being released and we only get the pages. I don't have the software capability to cut up each page to create PNG alpha's so I guess I can no longer use any alpha letters.

Sad really, cause i would love to use them if I could.


I think it's just down to designer preference Robynne. You can contact the designer and see if they can include the separate files for you. Although most programs should allow you to select and copy paste whatever letter you want. I made a quick video of doing it in Photoshop, but I think the technique would work in different ways in different programs.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Marisa.

Did it work for you? Just curious. I stopped making alphas because it was a bit of a pain to separate them all the time. Making the in the single sheet is quite simple. But I know it can be easier for people to use them when they are separate.

Sorry Marisa, but my software is no good at saving elements as PNG's.

Until I finally get around to learning how to use Photoshop, I will just have to make do without Alpha's for now.

But don't worry about it. I can always come back and download these alpha sheets, at a later time.

The site may have been flooded with alpha sheets recently, particularly in the Commons, because Annette Marie showed us how to make alpha sheets in one of her Scraptorials.

Thanks for the explanation Robyn. That makes sense.