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Uploaded image gone

My layout featured in Marisa's blog post today was gone from my gallery post. Since I wasn't able to reupload I deleted the post. This has happened a few times in the past. Usually shortly before rollbacks.

Hi Bina, sorry for the trouble, and thanks for letting us know. Sometimes when uploading a layout, the upload doesn't complete correctly, and that can cause issues where something will ocassionally need to be deleted and re-uploaded. This does happen from time to time, and doesn't necessarily mean the server is unstable--but I appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

I'll keep a closer eye on things for the next few days.

Thanks, Jordan. Actually, the image seemed to have uploaded just fine as it had been sitting in the gallery for at least two weeks or so before the image, not the entire gallery post, disappeared.

Hm... that does sound strange. Thanks for letting me know the details. I'll look into this, and do let me know if you notice this type of odd behavior again.

smiley Thanks, sure will do. I haven't in the past coz I noticed much after the fact in some instances but this one disappeared basically right in front of my own eyes....

Here is another goner

Ah, okay, thanks for pointing me to that layout.

I think what happend in that case is the image for that layout was never successfully moved out of our server's tmp directory to Amazon S3--which is supposed to happen when the layout is saved. Then down the road, when the tmp directory is wiped, the image is lost.

This used to happen occasionally when our S3 directory would unmount for some reason. That should generally be fixed now, but this is definitely something I want to keep an eye on, especially if you see it happening with recent stuff you've uplaoded.

For now, if you see an image go missing like that, please don't delete or edit the layout--just send me the link of the layout where the image is missing, so I can take a look.

(You can post in the forums, or send me a message directly via our site contact form)


Thanks, Jordan! Will do. smiley