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photoshop elements

I am new to ps elements and i love this site so many ideas but I am having trouble figuring out how to use masks. I figured out how to add a photo to one so i was stoked about that, but i cant figure out how to cut one out of a background an leave a transparent hole. If somebody could do a totorial on that it would help me so much. I am reading an trying stuff out so i can learn it better, i want to do a scrapbook of my highschool pics up to when i graduate. thank u so much.

Hi Kallie. I'm not 100% sure what final result you're looking for, but I have a tutorial here for creating cut outs, which may help.

yes exactly so i can put another pattern or photo in it, but i want to do it with like one of your masking shapes like this? i dont like jus plain old shapes so i was thinking if i could cut something like this out of a background an leave a hole it would be pretty rad.
and thank you so much for responding i wondered if anybody would. hehe smiley

oh an if i can do it i want to learn to make those mask they are neat. smiley

Hello Kallie!

You can "cut out" the mask shape, by placing the background paper below the shape, in the layers section. With the paper layer selected, hold control and click on the mask shape. It should highlight the masked shape, from there hit delete. Then go to Select at the top of PSE and click deselect (or press Ctrl + D) and then click on the eye next to the shape, to hide it.

I hope this helps. I started out watching videos from Tiffany Tillman along with her 2nd channel. I'm sure there's plenty more useful videos on youtube, but these might help you start off.

If you're looking to add photos and papers into the shape, you can clip them in. Hold "Alt" and click the line between the paper (or photo) and the shape. It'll clip it into the shape, to clip them further (to be able to move them around the page together), click the mouse on those little paperclip things.

To create the shape (or something similar), you can use the brush tool, over a transparent layer. Under the brush preset, you'll see the brush sample, size and opacity. If you click the drop down under brush (it should say "default brushes"), you'll find a variety of other brushes to choose from. Some of them will create their own "stamp" when you increase the brush size. I've done that before, it's not exactly the same, but you can come up with some cool techniques.

thank you so much you rock im going to practice some tomorrow. smiley