Looking for a super easy, very few layers layout template.

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Looking for a super easy, very few layers layout template.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest the easiest layout template with very few layers for me to practice on. I have tried some and just get lost in the layers. I will be attempting it in CC PS 2023. This is an area I can find no books on how to do this starting from the very beginning.

Thanks for any ideas.

Items labelled "quick pages" are often only one or two layers. (sometimes found on other sites too). Have a look here for "paper templates". These are patterns in mono that you can add colours too to creat your own. I use affinity rather than PS so cant give any specific tips though.

Thanks so much for responding. I figured out the real question, I wanted to ask. Is there a book anyone can recommend for adobe cc photoshop working with graphics, layers, tools and mask. I keep finding books that are 90% photography based I need one more graphic designer based.

Have a great day.

Hey Leslie, I only know about one book: The Adobe Photoshop Layers Book by Richard Lynch... mine is from 2012... and I never used it....
videos are so much easier to follow...

If you log into your Adobe account, there are tutorials, for novices & for experts.

And You Tube is your friend as well!
working with layers
working with (layer)masks
photoshop tools
graphics design

Piximperfect started a course for beginners, second lesson is about layers (there are only 2 lessons so far)

Adobe also has a YouTube Channel

I hope this can help you to start...

I don't know about a book, but you can search YouTube and find thousands of "how to in photoshop" videos, and they are pretty easy to follow. I sometimes have to pause and rewind certain parts to make sure I'm understanding, but it's still pretty user friendly.

Marisa and others also have quite a lot of tutorials here at DS, you can look through those HERE.

Thanks so much,

I will definitely look at your suggestions.

I will definitely check it out. Thanks for taking the time to answer.