Scrapbooking styles

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Scrapbooking styles

I would like to write an article listing and describing different "styles" of scrapbooking. I can think of "pocket scrapbooking", "minimalist", "art journaling", but can you help me and list more styles?

I am sure there are many in-between, or mixed styles, but before considering the mixing, I would like to see what are the main ones.

If you have any references, that would also be appreciated.


Bible journal is my style. I use graphic art apps to do this. I also use planner style scrapbooking. I also really enjoy making digital books and digital journals to keep all of my art in.

The opposite of minimalist would be maximalist, which I would consider to maybe be the layouts that are really cluster heavy and full of elements. I don't see a lot of other layouts referred to as a certain style but it's an interesting question.

Travelers notebook is also a style I suppose, although more based on size.

Marisa, isn't Travelers notebook more of a traditional type of scrapbooking? I have not seen much of that in digital format.

Carole: smiley A little TN revival. I recall seeing a French film from the 70's where everyone seemed to be carrying and constantly using these TN's, a bit like smartphones these days. smiley
Maximalist, minimalist, clean and simple, eclectic, European, American (more mix heavy yet not maximalist at all), art journaling, photo journaling (I really think TN is that mostly), free style, collage style, art style ( poems and what not over masked patterns, mostly extremely eye catching), vintage style, traditional style. Some styles.

Wow Bina, I had never heard of many of those! Thanks!

I'll have to figure out what example of each I can find to better "describe" them to newcomers!

I would still recommend realistic, so 3D style, Carole. I love such scraps.

My Example:

I do digital TN! I'm not sure how big of a thing it is, but I'm into it smiley