What are the "Norms" in making bundles?

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What are the "Norms" in making bundles?

Hello Hello!

Is there a guide that lists what should be in each of these:
( Elements, Digital Papers, Alphabets etc. )
✿ Kits
✿ Mini Kits
✿ Bundles
✿ Others

Please forgive me if this has already been asked & addressed.
I am trying to collect for my first , and this info would be divine!
Thanks in advance! ❥

Jenifer - I think each store has it's own definition for this. When I am purchasing a kit, I look for these:

Kit - 10-12 Pattern Papers and at least 40 elements.

Mini Kit - 5-8 papers, 10-20 elements

Bundle - Solid Papers, Pattern Papers and Elements as a base . . . and then add on at least one of these: alpha, cluster pack, word art pack, template, mixed media paper pack, etc.

Word Art Pack - 10-12 items per pack

Solid Paper Pack - at least 10 papers

Hope this helps!

Lori! Thank you SO much! ❥
That helps indeed!