Bits About Me Album Ideas - Share your ideas here

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Bits About Me Album Ideas - Share your ideas here

Beryl spoke of creating an album about herself and several others chimed in saying it was a great idea.

I'm in the process of planning one for me. I have been scrapbooking since I was about 12 or so and still have those old albums. Plus I have a fair amount of memorabilia from back then. I think I'd like to take photos of those items and include them along with the story that accompanies them. I think my girls would enjoy looking at and keeping this.

What are some topics that you'd like to include?

I'll go first:
• My first memory
• My first perm (given to my by me Mom)
• High School hates (I absolutely hated PE...with a passion.)

OK, chime in with yours!

I'm doing this through the current ABC/123 scrapbook project for 2022. Each letter corresponds to something about me... for example, A is for Athletic (journaling about past sports I played), B is for Blessed (a story about my mom and what I believe I got from her), C is for Creative (stuff I've created), D is for Designer (stuff I designed to sell), etc. etc. You can see the pages I've done thus far in this thread along with what other scrappers are doing for this year's bi-monthly project.

That's fantastic, Linda. Thank you. I'm heading over to your link now...

I've been wanting to do one of these for a while. I really want to do one with a focus on music. Music i listened to as a kid, in high school, etc. with stories about what was /is important to me about the music. One im looking forward to doing is my punk rock years. lol.

I think I'll expand it though to include other things about me. Books, movies, places. My love of fantasy and Dungeons and Dragons. I'd love to see a D&D themed kit somewhere. lol

Carolyn, your ideas sound like they'd make some fantastic pages. Please be sure to share them here; I'd love to see them.