Quality Control Action for PS

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Quality Control Action for PS

I recently lost of my EHD, with all my design assets . . . I know, I know . . . I should know better. I'm slowly rebuilding my stash, but am missing my quality control action. I've had it for years and cannot recall who made it. It offered several functions, but the one I used over and over was the stray pixel/smoothing action. When I use shadows on layered elements, it would remove all the shadowing around the element and smooth the edge with one click . . .

Can anyone point me in the direction of someone who offers an action like this? Or even share a way to do this?

First off Lori, I am SO sorry this happened to you. I lost my computer and all of my "stuff" last year. -- I still haven't fully recovered it all. As for the action you mentioned, I don't have it and haven't heard of one that does all of that. But I'm assuming you know how to do all of those things (remove stray pixels, smooth, remove shadows, etc.) You could create your own action with your own built in parameters. I know it's hassle but if it's something you relied on it would probably be worth it.

Good luck. I'm going to keep checking back here just in case someone else has the action or knows where to find it. smiley

Hello Lori, so sorry this happened to you, it happened to me as well .... my computer died a sudden death just like that, one day after a backup so the damage was limited.

Could be a product of Wendyzines who retired last year in November when I didn't have any internet at all and could not check out my curated wendyzines shopping cart and I'm pretty sure the action was in the cart. I think creativemarket or envato has one as well.

Thank you so much! Great lead.

I have never created an action, but off to research that now!