Involuntary absence

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Involuntary absence

Hello , for my all CT
I don't know where I should put my away message, so I'm putting it here
for my CTs Marisa Lerin, Billie Irene and the other CTs too

Sorry but I will be away for several days, or several weeks, I have problems at home, no electricity, so no computer, no internet either, I only have the possibility of very short moments, so it is impossible to come. in the forum at the moment. smiley
I'm sorry for this big problem, I'll be back as soon as possible, a few days or a few weeks.
Good day everyone

Bless your heart Bourico. I am so sorry.
May your problems at home be lessened and may you find your peace again.
Take good care of you and know that you have many friends that will miss you.
You have my prayers. May these days go swiftly.

Hoping your electricity is restored soon! Take the time you need smiley

Hello Marisa, and all my CT too,

I finally have electricity, but ... almost all my electrical appliances have burned!

Sorry I don't know how to come at the moment, I have problems with the electricity, my television, computer transformer, and lots of electrical appliances that have burned down.
Without the fan underneath, my computer heats up very quickly so I don't know how to do a page right away, but I load the kits and will do a page as soon as I can, even late!
So I don't know how to come often to the forums at the moment.
I'll have to run for insurance, then go shopping to replace all my electrical equipment that burned!
But I'll be back as soon as possible, unfortunately it can take 2-3 weeks, sorry ! 😭 😭
Have a nice day everyone, kisses

OOoo Bourico .. That is dreadful.
I hope that you are able to replace what was lost
& find yourself with even better appliances.
You have my many prayers. ❥

Bonjour Bourico,

Je ressens pour vous, j'ai aussi eu de gros défis ces derniers mois. Je prierai pour toi.
Vous souhaitant tout le meilleur!

Oh, Bourico, I hope you get your electricity back soon! smiley smiley smiley

Many thank ladies smiley
I'm just spending a few minutes, I'll be back for longer soon
Good day everyone

Sorry to hear about all your appliances smiley

Oh, Bourico, what a headache. I'm sorry for the trouble you're going through right now. Hope things work out and go smoothly for you.