Problem with "Kit used" in my Gallery upload

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Problem with "Kit used" in my Gallery upload

Hello Jordan,

right from the start I have problems uploading scraps to my gallery, optically linking the forum's own commons under "Kit used", no matter how and what I enter, it is not displayed when sending. Here I tried it, as a techn. Admin you can look behind my entries: The Time arond 1900

It would help me save time on crediting.

I'll send this on to Jordan.

However, the layout you linked above does have a kit attached to it. Did it finally work in the end?

Thank you Marisa.

No unfortunately not, otherwise you would see it at the front under the scrap mentioned above in my gallery below on the right.(?)

I am not an admin, but, like Marisa, I can see your use of "kit used" is working since below your layout it says "More Layouts Using Shabby Vintage Bundle #6" this is how the "kit used" shows up as.

Are you perhaps referring to the "graphics used" in a layout? These you have to put in manually using the Unique ID number or title of the specific graphic you used, not the kit title, in your layout. When you do that, they do show up on the right & below your layout description. An example of what I am talking about is here. The "Kit Used" is referenced below the layout as 'The Good Life: December Bundle' and the "graphics used" are the individual elements I added - which show up below my layout description and on the right.

Hope it helps and my apologies if this isn't what you are asking.

Thank you Jessica,

for trying to help me.
I entered this in said kit under "Kit used": Shabby Vintage Bundle #6 (318873).

I can't see it in the front of my gallery though, can you? Or is it programmed so that only the visitors of my gallery can see it? I can not imagine, because I need the control that I have entered it correctly. Or should I only enter the kit name OR the ID number?

Have a nice weekend.

Hi Bina,

ja genau so sehe ich es vorne in meiner Gallerie,
aber eigentlich sollte ich sowas sehen:

oh, so was nervt, ich hatte auch so ein Ansichtsproblem in den letzten Wochen. Nach dem letzten Browserupdate war es dann weg.

Hast du denn ein anderes Layout mit korrekter Anzeige, also wo du die item Nrs. unter graphics used reinkopiert hast? Jede Graphic Nr muss einzeln reinkopiert werden (Hi there, Jordan smiley ) . Ich hab auch schon mal drueber nachgedacht.... smiley weil es aehnlich ist wie die layout urls aus der navi bar rauszukopieren... wenn sie in forum posts sollen.... Evtl waere ein button gut, 'copy url', aber in dem Fall der graphics muss jede einzeln rein.
Es ist ein oberlittes feature, die graphics einzeln zu zeigen ist sehr supi.

Hi all,

yes I had tried it before but never achieved anything, then gave it up unnerved. But if it works for the others, it should also work for me. My Firefox browser is up to date, with new, helpful instant translation.

I'm waiting for Jordan's help now. Is it possible to display complete kits from the forum or only graphics and commons?

Hi Doska, sorry to hear about the trouble. Just to be clear, the problem you are having is that you want to enter "Graphics used" for a layout you are uploading, but that is not working?

Usually you just need to put in the Unique ID for the graphic you are referencing, like this:

And then when you select the graphic, it should show up like this:

That is the part that is not working for you?

Can you take a short video showing the problem you are having? You can do that easily using this website:

Thanks for your patience as we look into this issue!

Hi Jordan,

Thank you very much for getting in touch. I have now tried again:

1. I wanted to show the FULL KIT of Billie Irene in the cover page and not single graphics from Graphics or Commons, so i entered the name and ID number under "KIT used" and not at "Graphics used".

2. I just wanted to delete my old entry under "Kit used" and enter only the ID number without brackets, but unfortunately the program jumps back to the old entry at " Submit Layout". (Similar to corrected scraps, which still show the incorrect scrap when uploaded again).

3. Is the whole thing now slowly too complicated for me and I leave it like this. Next time I will only enter ID numbers if available for graphics from the forum.

Thanks again to all who tried to help me, I appreciate it very much smiley

@ Doska St.
Du willst den Kit Preview zeigen?
Sachen, die du unter 'kit used' eingibst, erscheinen hinterher nicht unter 'graphics used'

Hi Bina,
I hope we are not talking past each other.

"Graphic used" means the individual graphics in Graphics and Commons in the forum, I realize that, but then what is "Kit used" for if it is not also to show a cover of a complete kit on the view page of my scrap in my Gallery?

Liebe Doska:

Liest Du die untere Reihe, steht da kit used...
Aber : willst du ein preview von diesem kit zeigen, dann geht das nicht ueber diese Maske, sondern anders. "" die imageurl bei description einsetzen, dann kriegst du den preview smiley Steht in meinem profil unter den Monaten Snippets, kannst du dir da rauskopieren, weil es im Post nicht anzeigt, da code.
Der sinn der Verlinkung ist andere Beispiele zu zeigen und das kit selber ist auch verlinkt. Ein PV waere sicher nicht schaedlich, aber irgendwo muss er auch hin.....

@Doska, wie Bina erwähnte, gab es unter „Verwendetes Kit“ nie eine Vorschau für das von dir verwendete Kit. Es enthält nur einen Link zu weiteren Galeriebildern, die ebenfalls mit diesem Kit verknüpft sind. Darunter befindet sich ein kleiner Link namens „Paket anzeigen“, der Sie direkt zum Paket führt. Allerdings gab es für diese noch nie eine Trikotvorschau. Nur Hyperlinks. Es sieht also so aus, als ob bei Ihnen doch alles funktioniert? smiley

Und ja, die einzige Möglichkeit, eine Vorschau hinzuzufügen, wäre meiner Meinung nach so, wie Bina es vorgeschlagen hat. Allerdings gibt es in der Beschreibung keine direkte Möglichkeit dazu. Normalerweise füge ich mein Bild zu einem Forumsbeitrag hinzu (wie ich es tue, wenn ich Bilder für Herausforderungen hinzufüge). Dann kopiere ich den Code und füge ihn in die Beschreibung ein. (Und ich speichere diesen Beitrag nicht, lol!) Aber bei dieser Methode bedeutet das Hinzufügen einer Kit-Vorschau eine Menge zusätzlicher Arbeit.

Es tut mir leid, dass ich den Online-Übersetzer verwenden musste. Ich habe während meiner Schulzeit angefangen, Deutsch zu lernen, habe es aber nie abgeschlossen. Allerdings habe ich seitdem oft „Nein“, „Danke“ und „Guten Morgen“ gesagt. smiley


@Doska, as Bina mentioned, there was never a preview for the kit you used under "Kit used". It only contains a link to more gallery images also linked to this kit. Below that is a small link called "See Bundle" that will take you straight to the bundle. However, there has never been a kit preview for these. Hyperlinks only. So it looks like everything is working for you after all? smiley

And yes, the only way to add a preview would be like Bina suggested, I think. However, there is no direct way to do this in the description. I usually add my image to a forum post (like I do when I add images for challenges). Then I copy the code and paste it into the description. (And I don't save this post, lol!) But with this method, adding a kit preview means a lot of extra work.

I'm sorry I had to use the online translator. I started learning German during my school days, but never finished it. However, I've said "Nein," "Danke Schon," and "Guten Morgen" a lot since then. smiley

Hi Bina und Jessica,

thank you, thank you for your help.

I just uploaded a scrap with a pure kit from Rachel Martin. I only entered the ID number of the kit "Keira" and it does not show again. When I went back it suddenly said Keira.

So I give myself defeated, you're right, there is no preview in the own gallery. But then I do not understand the sense of the "kit used" tab in the input mask. But I'm not an expert in computer programming smiley

@Doska: when uploading a layout, linking to the kit used creates a text link to the kit on the layout page, and also show other layouts created with that kit.

But I agree that showing a preview of the kit itself under the attribution links could also be a nice touch, so we'll add that to our list of things to consider!

Thanks for the feedback, and so sorry again for the trouble. smiley

Thanks Jordan,

it didn't annoy me, but puzzled me, why with others the graphics are shown ( OK, only graphics and commons) and with me not. Of course, at first I thought I had entered something wrong in the mask. However, I tried several versions of the entry, but none of them worked.

That's why I asked you to look behind my gallery, you see for sure what I have entered wrong. But well, if you computer scientists can program an easier input mask, so that in the future also previews of full kits can be entered pictorially as credits, that would be pleasing.

Until then I will continue to type in my credits in the description. smiley