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@Yanina: Here’s the basic trick for recoloring overlays. And for adding texture.

@Tracy: I’ll have to work on a quick tutorial.

@Tracy: Hope this helps: resizing and cropping digital papers.

Marisa, Thank you so much. I've been wondering that for some time. smiley

I'd Be interested in an updated tutorial on how to make word art. And also a tutorial on how to make a transparent overlay.

What sort of word art are you interested in making? And what kind of transparent overlay?

I was going to post an example here but I can't seem to get the url for the graphic? Its on this site.

Hello Carolyn!

I was having some troubles with loading images
via URL as well. Rae wrote up quite a wonderful
"How To" and it worked perfectly. You can find it Here.
Perhaps it can help you too?!

Yay! It worked! Thanks so much.

You are most welcome!
I was thrilled as well!

Hi Marisa,
I was wondering if there is a tutorial (looked, can't see it) Where you have 2 papers, eg 1 x floral and 1 x crumpled or folded paper. Then you turn the floral paper into a crumpled/folded/creased paper without losing any colour in the floral, but gaining the texture of the crumpled paper. I have tried every blend mode and nothing so far. I use PSElements.

I have a tutorial here which should cover what you're asking.

Elif also has an action here which will recolor something. To use for a paper, just place your patterned layer above the color layer after running the action.

Thanks Marisa I will have a look and see if it works smiley

-- thanks for the link, but no, I want to use 2 x papers, not 1 x paper and 1 x overlay.
When I have my crumpled/folded paper, and I place it above my floral paper, there seems to be no blend mode that allows the fold/crumple to show on the floral paper, without losing the opacity/colour of either paper.

I will keep the paper + overlay tutorial though it is brilliant. Thanks.

I am sure it can be done, do you want to send me the layers you’re working with, maybe the PSD and I’ll see if I can figure out what you’re talking about? I’m traveling so don’t expect an immediate response, but I’d like to check it out.

[email protected]

Sorry I didn't reply, I couldn't find my post haha
Thanks so much for your offer, I have given up.
Ended up just using the eraser brush to expose some of the floral,
and allow the creases to show in parts.
Wasn't what I wanted or asked your help with, but it was taking up too much time. smiley

Enjoy your travelling, I loved travelling and exploring, pre-covid years.