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Thank you.

The theme of this one is "For the Love of Books." And, as I am addicted to books....I had TOO much fun with this one.... smiley

Designer Challenge Card #74. This kit also matches the December 2022 Blog Train.

Download here.

Oh, I just love this! Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Great kit, thanks so much Amanda for you generosity.

Designer Challenge Card #17. This kit also matched the January 2023 blog train.

Download here.

Amanda, this is a stinkin' CUTE kit!
But the download link doesn't work, Imgur says "zoinks, you took a wrong turn"

Thank you. I love it as I am a big reader myself and a member of a reading circle. Now and than I make a page in one of my photobooks with photos made on one of the meetings of our circle. So these are very useful for me.

Fabulous take, Amanda! Thank you for playing along and sharing smiley


@lisel I updated the link for The Letter C kit. smiley

Designer Challenge Card 60. This kit also matches the February 2023 blog train. smiley

Download here.

Thank you, thank you! smiley

Designer Challenge Card #19. Kit also matches the April 2023 blog train.

Download here.

Thanks Amanda this is such a cute kit. smiley

Fab thanks

Thank you for the beautiful kits!

Oh, how did I miss this? I love what you are doing with the cards Amanda! Amazing! Thanks for sharing. smiley

So very generous & awesome of U to share so many beautiful kits!! Thanks a whole big bunch!! smiley

Amanda, thank you for all your lovely generosity, especially for the cu kits! Is it allowed to make freebies to upload to the Commons? Please let me know...thanks again!

Hey, Chitra! Just saw this...sorry! MOST of my kits are CU, so you can pretty much do whatever you want with them. smiley

Design Challenge Card #22.

Download here.

This kit also happens to match the Designer Bingo Kit Challenge (here) and the September 2022 DC Free Color (here).